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MikeJordan 01-20-2013 03:39 AM

turning biocube 14 to planted low tech
I recently took down my biocube 14 reef and I am thinking of turning it into a low tech, planted tank. Is there anyone with vast knowledge of these biocubes as planted tanks? Should I get rid of the actinic cf bulb for another 10000k bulb? And if so, would that put me into the high light end of the spectrum?

I am reallly looking to keep this lo tech and use this tank if possible. But I am always toying with a Schuber 9g with a fugeray/ray2 and canister filter to get away from the all-in-one biocube.

Looking for any suggestions on how to keep the biocube alive and make it a low tech planted success.

Dtitus1 01-20-2013 03:56 AM

While I am by no means an expert (considering I just joined the forum and posted below you) I do know that with that much light you're probably gonna have to have some kind of carbon source, although the blue from the acitic bulb would give you good spectrum for plant growth anything that'll keep coral alive is gonna be a hell of a lot of light over that cube.

Why'd you tear down your reef? I love mine I actually do less stuff to it then I have to do to my low tech (water changes aside)

steven p 01-20-2013 04:49 AM

I'd shoot for a 6500-6700k bulb, and possibly with a slightly lower spectrum combined will be visually pleasing and provide fairly well for plant growth.

Dirt/soil combined with a proper cap(to preference, I.e. pea gravel or black sand)

Plant heavily from the beginning, I'm not familiar with the entirety setup of the biocube but you might want to use floaters to thin the light down below.

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