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Acen 01-20-2013 01:38 AM

Trouble Keeping Staurogyn Repens, GSA & Curling leaves HELP!!
Ok. im on my third batch of Staurogyn repens in the past few months, i have made some adjustments and my current batch is going bad after 2 weeks.
My tank is a 13 Gallon shallow with High light. Any advise would be appreciated. I just got a new batch and i want this one to do well, this may be my last attempt in this tank.

Can i save the current Batch?
What am i doing wrong?
What Im a missing?
What do yall suggest

Dosing Regime
Ei Dosing with the these targets. 3x's per week with Macro and Micro
I do 50% WC 1-2x's per week

Macro per dose
Kno3 = 7.78 ppm
P04 = 3.33ppm (dosing more for GSA)

Micro csm+b with added DTPA Fe Per Dose targets
B 0.17
Cu 0.01
Fe 0.94
Mg 0.20
Mn 0.27

Soil: AZOO plant substrate
Osmocote plus root tabs
C02 lime green to yellow

Lights on 8 hours total with 1hr siesta after 4 hrs
Kh = 3-4
Gh = 12-14

Finnex Px360, it appears to have great flow but the angles do create dead spots.

Powerheads for Extra flow:
Using 2 small TOM aquarium Mini Internal filters (without the bottom filter and flow control for more power) They are rater for 45gph

What im noticing:
Leaves curling UNDER
Leaves CRIMPING on some
New Growth seems Stunted
Dropping many New Roots
Leaves falling off
Of Course GSA coving most leaves now

What I have tried:
P04 increase and spot treatment
Flow adjustment
shorter photo period
Nerite snails

Drop Checker


Crimping Leaves

curling leaves

Acen 01-20-2013 08:07 AM

Went ahead and made the light adjustment, moved canopy 3 ft above the substrate, will allow for a few weeks to see if things get better.

vnghost 01-20-2013 08:49 AM


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Acen 01-20-2013 06:22 PM

Oh Forgot to mention that I dose GH Boost per Barr instructions, i think that would cover the Calcium potential

Acen 01-20-2013 06:25 PM

After writing things out for this thread i think it became clear to me that it is light issue, simply too much light. It seems to be straining the plants, it just feels like the plants are SCREAMING Turn down the INTENSITY..LOL Took me 2 months to hear them :p hope this works.

Thanx Steve for extra knock over the head and the great looking plants.

AlyeskaGirl 01-20-2013 07:30 PM

Curling leaves and stunted new growth is a co2 issue, respectively.

I had this happening to my Bacopa Australis. Some new leaves were stunted, leaves rolling under and even some were completely rolled up. I was like what the heck! I was told Calcium as well but had plenty of that. Increasing co2 slowly helped fix the issue. Drop Checker is always yellow. Made sure fertilizer were good.

GSA is an indication of too much light. Raising the light up like you did should help with that. As well as less demand for co2. Though maybe a slight adjustment with co2 may be a good idea. Just finding that balance.

Best of luck

ThatGuyWithTheFish 01-20-2013 11:54 PM

What lights do you have?

acitydweller 01-21-2013 01:25 AM

Try ditching the siesta and cut the photo period by two hours... That time will allow for recovery

Acen 01-21-2013 07:32 AM

yep i went ahead and bumped the C02 up slightly since the demand will be less and my fish dont seem to mind.

Acen 01-21-2013 07:35 AM

Oh and i may considering ditching the siesta but i would like to see how things go with the raised light first to address one thing at a time.

I think im going to add a bit more flow with a stronger set of mini powerheads as well so ill know something in a few weeks.

thanx for the input guys

somewhatshocked 01-21-2013 04:19 PM

Another user asked you previously but what kind of lighting do you have?

Specific fixture, bulbs, output, reflector

Acen 01-24-2013 07:11 PM

Oh sorry i actually have Flood LED's rated at 110 watts each or 1200 lumens @ 5000k.
Definately over kill and i even purchased a dimmer but opted to gradually raise the lights over the past few months to the max hieght. This time i actually had to raise the whole fixture so we will see.
they are currently 3 ft above the substrate.

Drop checker Yellow and fish dont seem to mind at all. hope this helps

Acen 01-25-2013 02:39 AM

Latest Pix, less than 1 week light raised and this is what im getting, some slight curling under.. Still too much light??
Yellow drop checker as of today, been gradually raising it over the past few days.

mrkookm 01-25-2013 03:54 AM


Originally Posted by Acen (Post 2342874)
Latest Pix, less than 1 week light raised and this is what im getting, some slight curling under.. Still too much light??
Yellow drop checker as of today, been gradually raising it over the past few days.

They look significantly better than the previous pics you posted. Just focus on maintaining good Co2 levels at this point onward. Things to watch out for when using a drop checker is to ensure it's placed optimally within the tank. Do not place directly in the path of the Co2 enriched stream or mist. Place in a section of the tank where Co2 is most difficult to reach and work on flow within the tank as needed.

You might wanna also turn Co2 on earlier prior to lights on to ensure you have good amount in the water prior to lights on as well.

Acen 01-25-2013 04:10 AM

ok i will move the drop checker down to be sure the substrate is getting C02

Oh and this is a new batch of Staurogyn.. I dumped that last batch so the pictures are representative of the latest.

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