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XCW-500 01-19-2013 05:35 AM

New 60 Gallon Cube looking for comments
Decided after a several year break to get back into tanks so today I ordered a Deep Blue 24x24x24 Rimless which will sit on a Marineland Black Ventura stand.
Dimensions and type are based on what the wife would accept in the area i wanted to put it so this is what i ended up with. Though much smaller than previous my rigs it has Iron Free front and side glass and the sample had decent silicone work so it should be aesthetically nice if i can scape in some wood and simple plants.
Unfortunately this tank has a overflow but they don't make the 60 edge cube without so i will deal with it.

Current Plan is to plumb in a Rena XP4(or the newer model). Should this make for sufficient water movement? Have has ehiems in the past but hated them so trying something new. Looking for comments here.

Also plan to use a Finnex RayII DS 24 inch LED strip. Starting out low tech (No CO2) which I have had decent luck at previously using CF lights, but i like the compact look, and low heat, no noise theory of the LEDs so want to give it a shot. Wondering how this will perform at the 24 inch depth. Yes I have cal read the other threads, PAR charts etc....but Looking for user experince comments here.

Was planning on using a course pool filtervsand coupled maybe with some flourite for substrate. Dont have this figured out so comments are welcome.

Will throw in some form of heat, was wondering if i could hide a small heater in the overflow box?

Plants will be ferns, anubius, crypts, vals, swords, and some other easy starters, though I would like to have some open area in the front with some grass or other short stuff if i can get it off the ground.

Fish plans are for Rainbows and some for of small schooling fish.

Plan is to have this up and running in the next couple of weeks then hit the GCAS swap meet for some stock to get it rolling.
Sorry for the wordiness but any comments or suggestions based on the above would be appreciated, maybe ill take it to the journal forum once i have the tank on site and can add some pics.

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