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daylily 01-18-2013 10:10 PM

will boiling kill this algae? Cladophora?
I had a tank as a kid over 40 years ago, and just got back into it last September with a Fluval Spec V (which has zero algae - so far). I set up a second tank in November. It is 15 gallons. This one is thickly planted, with Eco Complete, and lighting is 24" T5 HO - one 6000 that came with the light and one 10,000k full spectrum that I was told to use instead of the stock 650nm bulb. The lights sit 12" above the substrate. Right now, I keep the lights on 8 -9 hours a day. I do not do Co2. I use Flourish, Flourish Trace, Flourish Excel twice a week. Has cherry barbs, neons, cherry shrimp, pygmy cory. I don't "think" I over feed, but might be without realizing. Oh, and a few pond snails and one nerite red onion snail. I have two AquaClear 20 filters, set on low. One has the standard sponge, carbon, biomax. The second one I just started up last week. It has the sponge, Purigen, and biomax. I was tired of seeing the yellow water from the driftwood. I have been doing 40-50% water changes weekly, mostly to clear the amber color water - but now with the Purigen, that has cleared up. My numbers read 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 5 nitrate. PH 8.0, KH and GH are high - not sure how to translate it to degrees, but it took 26 drops in an API kit to change color. I think it is hard to very hard. I am trying to get along with my well water.

Has 3 pieces of driftwood in it. Last week I noticed a small spot of algae. I think I have it identified as Cladophora, but not sure. Been trying to get a good photo of it. This is the best I can do. The spot is little less than dime size. One other piece has some just starting on it. I have looked and looked, and I don't see any growing on any of the plants, just driftwood.

I was thinking of carefully taking the driftwood out so I don't disturb the algae, and boiling it. Then scrubbing the area to remove the algae. I did boil 2 of the pieces when I first got them, so I doubt it would hurt the wood.

I just don't know if this would work to kill the algae. Or, I could freeze it as an alternate way.

Now that I have shrimp and the onion snail, I don't think I should over do the Excel to try to kill it, at least not in the tank. I have read about spritzing it with Excel out of the water - but thought boiling or freezing might work better?

Any advice on this? How about preventing more growing? Less hours of light?

CPDzeke 01-18-2013 10:25 PM

That's not clado, it's hair algae.
I have clado in my tank, lol

amberoze 01-18-2013 10:38 PM

Since it's only a few small spots, I would Polk the driftwood out and manually remove the algae, then spritz it with excel, rinse with water, then spritz with 30% hydrogen peroxide (found at your local medical supply store).

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daylily 01-19-2013 06:15 AM

thanks for the correct ID and the suggestions!

Hopeful I got to it in time....

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