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acitydweller 01-17-2013 02:15 PM

NY Swapmeet 2013
The Next Swap Meet will be on Saturday Feb 2 @ 2:30

Location: Whole Foods Market
95 E Houston St New York, NY 10002‎

Foot court. I encourage everyone to be a consumer there to avoid being accused of loitering. We are likely going to be there for no less than 30 minutes to talk/swap then head towards the walking tour of Pacific/123/WIN/Aquastar.

Feel free to post what is available to swap/looking for and let the festivities begin!

Those who wish to meet early for lunch, please speak up.

jimmytruong87 01-17-2013 02:27 PM

I have java moss for swap

cprash 01-17-2013 02:53 PM


Plants (so far)
L. repens x aracuata
L. palustris
Rotala Gia Lai (rarely, might be mexicana araguia mixed in)
Althanaria Reckii
Althanaria Opicus


15mm stainless steel prefilter
100 watt Penn Plax heater - $5

Food samples (all YFS or HBH)
8 Flakes
Soft Krill
Soft Spirulina
Color Bits

Looking for: (buy or trade)

Lindernia grandifolia
Proserpinaca palustris (Mermaid Weed)
Sunset Rotala

Willow Moss

Rilis and Fire Reds

furnfins 01-17-2013 03:09 PM

If we have to vote for a Sat. or a Sun. my vote is for a Saturday.

I have some plants and food for the swap, I'll have to check when I get home tonight.

aokashi 01-17-2013 03:15 PM

15 Attachment(s)

I will have.... something

Wicket_lfe 01-17-2013 03:19 PM

OMG Sunset Hygro!!!!

Can I call Dibs? lol

Fuze 01-17-2013 03:26 PM

Too early to tell, but I will make an effort to make it regardless of day.

Looking for a powerhead suitable for a 55g. I'll try to have some plant stuffs.

cprash 01-17-2013 03:38 PM


Originally Posted by Wicket_lfe (Post 2267834)
OMG Sunset Hygro!!!!

Can I call Dibs? lol


acitydweller 01-17-2013 03:39 PM

Have to swap:

  • Süsswassertang
  • [GONE] Blue Ramshorn Snail Vivadawolf
  • [GONE] Elatine tiandra aokashi
  • [GONE] Giant Baby Tears (micranthemum umbrosum) frrok, aznrice247
  • [GONE] Hydrocotyle sp. "Japan" Fuze
  • [GONE] Taiwan Moss aznrice247, sonicpath x2
  • [GONE] Peacock Moss Vivadawolf, ryu1sonicpath for Marsilea minuta
  • [GONE] Flame Moss furnfins

  • Brazilian Pennywort (Hydrocotyle leucocephala)
  • Ceylon (Hygrophila Polysperma Ceylon) Eve
  • Water sprite (Ceratopteris cornuta) - small, medium and large sizes available.
  • NEW Limnophila sessiliflora
  • [GONE] Green Hygro (Hygrophilia Polysperma) shloken38, furnfins
  • [GONE] Sunset Hygro (Hygrophila polysperma 'Rosanervig') Wicket_lfe
  • [GONE] Star Grass (Heteranthera zosterifolia) Jellie, Vivadawolf
  • [GONE] Myrio mattogrossense sonicpath aokashi

  • Water Spangles (Salvinia Minima) rozdaboff
  • [GONE] Amazon Frogbit (Limnobium laevigatum) furnfins
  • [GONE] Duckweed Vivadawolf

2 clamp lights minus the clamps and bulbs.
Calcium Montmorillonite aokashi

Looking for:
Lindernia sp. India
Ludwigia arcuata
Marsilea minuta
Pogostemon helferi, downoi
Rotala sp. Mexico Goias
Ranunculus inundatus
Lobelia cardinalis "small form"
Linderina Rotundifolia Variegated

kubalik 01-17-2013 04:07 PM

Ah I was just thinking if you gave up on organizing those Albert hehe , either day is fine with me , I can bring:
-Narrow leaf java fern
-anubias nana petite
-common crypts (I think taller one is Lutea , smaller one is wendtii bronze or red)
-Limnophila Aromatica
-maybe some Red Ludwigia

want some CRS/CBS ( was out sick from work for 10 days , filter got clogged, lost some shrimps , 2 filters running since than , all is going fine , just need few more of those guys now.

aznrice247 01-17-2013 04:47 PM

I'll have floaters for you guys and other trimmings. and Aokashi if you really wanted to trade 2 CRS for my 2 lower grades ill bring em out.

I call dibs on one of the Taiwan mosses!

I'm looking for:

Rotala Sp. Butterfly Red

Low Grade CRS.

anything that looks cool

arbai89 01-17-2013 04:53 PM


Originally Posted by Fuze (Post 2267914)
Too early to tell, but I will make an effort to make it regardless of day.

Looking for a powerhead suitable for a 55g. I'll try to have some plant stuffs.

don't know if ill make it out to the city... but i have a bunch of powerhead most likely suitable for the 55g as it came with it when i bought my tank

dont know its value / or what plants i need

Wicket_lfe 01-17-2013 06:07 PM

If I can make it I should have...

Red tiger Lotus - varying sizes, not sure how many, I owe ppl some RAOK.
Dwarf Sag - a few plantlets
Java fern- I have a giant plant, I'll just trim some
Willow fern? - does this even exist? its some kind of fern with trident looking leaves
Marsilea Minuta - I just bought a WHOLE bunch of this and probably won't need it all. I'm planting this weekend so will have an update: UPDATE: its in transition phase so a lot of it melted. :( I dont mind setting up another time to meet when its recovered. I know a lot of ppl have asked about it.

Looking for:
Sunset Hygro
Simple stems for low light
micro sword
suggestions for a midground plant?

frrok 01-17-2013 06:14 PM

I have nothing. :( lol. But will be looking for some hand me downs. Not sure if my tank will be set up by then. Hopefully!

shloken38 01-18-2013 12:11 AM

I am interested! NY or NJ is cool with me. If it is NJ, I have a mini van and would be willing to pick 5 to 6 people from the PATH train in Hoboken. Not sure about doing LI.....I can be convinced though!

All I have to offer....

-black bar endlers fry/juvies(NOT hybrids, would classify as Class P)....juvies may or may not color up by this day
-guppy fry/juvies....nothing special, but the parents are very nice looking
-red cherry shrimp.....again, nothing special, but some of the moms are a real nice red (might have a lot of these to offer!)
-Ken's fish food. I can give out baggies of premium flakes, veggie sticks and algae wafers. I also have betta micro crumble, which I actually use for my fry and they love it!

I'm still waiting for my plants to grow out, so I can't really offer much as far as they go. Looking forward to this!

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