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chubky 01-17-2013 08:28 AM

Need suggestions on my first aquascape
This is going to be my first real aquascaping attempt. My co-worker and I are trying to put this tank together. We saw a picture of a tank with a bonzi looking tree and want to try and create a similar tank.

Luckily, I had a piece of driftwood and found another that should work for the tree, but I have a few challenges that I thought I'd seek advice on.

1. How should I connect the two pieces of driftwood? If you look closely in the picture, a small piece on the top is different color and is a separate piece. I read that silicone might do the trick, but I wanted to see if anyone else has any suggestions based on their experience.

2. I wont have co2, but will be able to use excel. Does anyone know of a carpeting plant that I can use that is low to medium light? I forgot to check the specs on the light that came with the tank, but I'm guessing it's low-med light.

3. I ordered some flame moss to use put onto the driftwood. Do I just attach it like any other moss? I just want to make sure that the moss will grow upwards.

4. Any idea how I can secure the driftwood into one position? In the picture its just burred deep into the substrate and kind of resting against the rock, but it could easily get knocked over.

5. Any suggestions on the positioning of the rocks? I can't get the flow quite right =\

Kathyy 01-17-2013 04:48 PM

I use stainless steel screws to fasten wood bits together. If you sink the head or place away from view the shine shouldn't bother you. I just use a bit of acrylic sheet on the bottom and bury that under the substrate, works fine. Slate or tile would be heavier and might hold it better.

Since your rocks are close to the same size you might consider studying up on iwagumi theory and place a couple rocks next to one another so they appear to be a single stone. Then the next largest would be placed to balance the largest and the last would balance the composition. The wood needs to be considered as well, no idea precisely just how it fits in but this article might help.

chubky 01-19-2013 05:39 AM

Thanks for your input Kathyy! I'm going to look for a screw this weekend. Hopefully there will be ones small enough Once I add moss onto the DW, it should cover the screw. You brought up a good point that all my rocks are large, which could be why I can't seem to find a way to make the layout flow. I'll find some smaller ones this weekend to test out. Sadly, I was already trying to go with an iwagumi layout. I'll keep messing around with the hardscape to find a layout with a good flow.

Any chance someone knows about attaching flame moss? Can I just tie it down like any other moss?

chubky 01-25-2013 07:03 AM

Need suggestions on my first aquascape
How about this layout? Flame moss still hasn't come in 😞

I'm thinking about reconnecting the middle piece of the driftwood to make it more level.

Anyone have suggestions on the rocks?

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