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jills 01-14-2013 04:09 PM

Plant suggestions on clean palate!
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On Christmas Eve my 72 g bowfront sprung a major leak. All fish had to go in a 20 g until I was able to get another tank. I ended up getting a used 55 g acrylic. I have basically started over with very few plants from the old tank, plus I have a new substrate. 2" of flourite with about an inch of gravel on top. Here are some pics of the new tank. I would like to get plant suggestions from the group. I have medium lighting and I use Flourish weekly, no C02. Tank is a little cloudy at the moment from some meds I had to add. I would like possibly a carpet, I don't want plants that keep propagating so that it turns in to a jungle. I don't mind maintenance, but don't want the tank to get overrun as the previous tank did. Would love to here sugguestions! Thank you!!

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