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accordztech 01-13-2013 08:31 AM

Norcal: Co2 regulator and tank sacramento
I am thinking of selling my co2 regulator and my 10 lb tank. I had this for 3 years or so and it worked great. Latley there has been a leak and I never was able to track it down. I think everytime I tested for leaks it wasnt leaking and I should of checked it every few days.

I gave up and didnt want to fill the co2 everytime. Before I had a leak and I found it to be a bad sealing disc between the regulator and the tank. Oh well. I havent used it and I dont think I will be using it for my current setup.

10 pound tank that was purchased through barns welding supply here. Certification dates are still recent.

GLA "choice" regulator. It has a solinoid built in. This one:

Ill sell it for $170 picked up for the tank and the regulator. The tank is about 22 dollars to swap out I think. So I think this is a great deal. Ill include some bubble counter fluid if I can find it.

accordztech 01-14-2013 06:32 AM


accordztech 01-17-2013 03:52 AM

I have some black substrate for grabs. Its not flourite, and its a little finer than it. Its not fine as sand, and its basically blasting sand. Looks great. I bought a 100lb bag and only used maybe less than half of it, I used it to cover my ADA and got RID OF THE FOGGY WATER YAY!!. Anyone want some? Take as much as you want for $2 LOL.

************************************************** **
Im also thinking about selling my eheim 2213. Unit works great and I have longer hoses for it. Its still running at this moment. It leaks from the bottom o-ring once every blue moon but its very minimal and been that way since I bought it new. Currently its hanging on a little 5g tank that I just throw scraps in. If you want that tank with a little ADA soil you can have the setup. I have the spraybars, but not sure if its complete.

For the Eheim I want 55 bucks with the tank. $50 w/o tank. I strongly encourage taking the tank.

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