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Politikz_Amore 01-11-2013 08:26 PM

A man has many choices.
When you put down the deposit on your new 180g cherrywood setup, a man must choose the appropriate dance, I chose the bus driver!

sold off all my other tanks, and realized my 125g looked small next to the 210g.

I really wanted a 180g 6ft to begin with, and when a mint setup went up on the boards, I could barely contain myself.

Not picking it up til the 1st, but I am super excited. MY 75g growout tank is really filling in, and near valentines day I was hoping to be into drystart.

tomfromstlouis 01-12-2013 04:52 PM

I doubt many would think that a 125 is too small for most planted tank purposes. Your mistake is putting it too close to the giant. Spread out a little; your floors will thank you.

As for the new 180g six footer: I share your excitement! A big tank is LOTS of work to get started - at least mine was - but once up it is a pleasure on a scale few get to enjoy. Two that size will make a nice room.

Politikz_Amore 01-12-2013 07:41 PM

I told the fiancÚ I would try and keep the tanks in the fishroom/extra bedroom. I think the old setup with 12 tanks, all over the house was not
her cup of tea.

I am very glad we are in the basement apartment, and on the cement slab.
I wonder what my water bill would actually be sometimes.

The 180 setup is already running currently, so its win win for me, new fish and cycled equipment. someone bought it new/mint 6 months ago, and now its time to move out of state, classic situation.

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