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Acro 01-10-2013 11:15 PM

Turtle Got To The Plants!!!
So, I had red mangrove (freshwater acclimated), leather fern, Joseph's coat and Ruellia growing in planters in my turtle (one Mississippi Map, and one Northern Red Bellied Cooter) aquarium. The mississipp map turtle could care less about eating plants, but the Northern red bellied cooter loves plants.
I thought they were out of reach, I thought she couldn't get to them, and she didn't for a while.
But somehow she figured it out! She is smart and never does it when I'm around, but she ate the Joseph's coat and tore up the leather fern. The mangrove and ruellia grow up and out of reach.

So, any thoughts on how I could keep her out of the planters? Any suggestions on other plants that will stay out of her reach or plants that may taste bad to her (but are still safe if eaten)? She does not dig in the planters, but just snatches the leaves, she has never pulled a plant out of the gravel.

See my turtles here:
I'm going to make them an indoor pond soon, for now, they are in a tank. Once I move them, my baby Red Eared Sliders will move into the tank.

hydrophyte 01-11-2013 07:49 PM

Where there's a will, there's a way!

Those are handsome critters!

Cyperus umbrella sedge would be a good one. The leaves are up on top of 14" stalks. I imagine that Spathiphyllum and other riparium-suitable aroids would be pretty distasteful, but they are also mildly toxic and I would worry about the turtles getting sick if they were to eat very much. Leather fern eventually grows into a pretty big and robust plant, so if you can get it up to size it would probably be big enough and mostly out of the way.

Is there room to slide the planters up higher on the glass? You can raise them up so that just the very bottom is in the water and then water will wick up inside. This might not look super great with the planters rather conspicuous, but you would still have nice foliage.

I'm guessing that anything that you put on trellis rafts would probably get munched and/or trampled.

Acro 01-11-2013 09:49 PM

Thanks hydrophyte,
I was thinking to try some Cyperus umbrella sedge, any in stock? What about the cat palm? Didn't you used to sell that?
Yeah, I really liked my leather fern! The one you sent me was really nice, do you have any bigger ones, or can you suggest a source?

Since she ate the other plants, I did slide the planters up higher, letting water wick itself up. I am going to slowly lower them and hopefully she will just ignor them sooner or later. She seems to know what's within her reach, I'm sure the Ruellia and Mangrove are safe, but I am still being careful.

As for the trellis raft, yep, that's just something to climb on. lol You gave me that in a RAOK, I may just RAOK it again to someone who can currently use it.

I was researching some other plants too, so I'll get it to work, just gotta do some trial and error. :D

hydrophyte 01-13-2013 04:29 AM

I'll be around!

I can get some Cyperus and more leather fern to you if you want. Black mangrove would be a fun plant to grow, but you would need to keep it protected until it grows up.

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