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Ray1214 08-06-2003 06:16 PM

I am new to the board. However I have kept planted tanks off and on for about 3 years. I have also kept reef tanks and I am an active member in the Atlanta Reef Club and in Reef Central and The Reef Tank.
However I do appreciate the Amano style setups of a planted tank. Sadly I had to tear down two 29 gal Planted tanks. I had a breeder set of Shwartz Cories, some tetras, a common ple#o, and some guppies in an Amazon Blackwater Setups with Amazon Swords, some red ludwiga and Hydrophoria, some water wisteria. The sword ranged from Red Melon to full bodied swords.
The other had African-indonesian fish. And was planted with sagiteria, swords, red ludwiga and about anything I could get to grow on driftwood and sandy bottoms like Java fern and moss.
My son inherited my CO2 injector and tons of plants from these tanks for his 10 gallon Betta and dwarf Frog tank. (Looks like a jungle). I have one or two 5 gal setups at home just for the plants and I have a few feeder guppies that I raise to feed my anemones in the tank as well as one tank with just mystery snails and trumpet snails and swords. (Using 13 and 27 watt retro kits with 6.7K bulbs) Justin is running a whooping 65 Watt PC on his.
I also have a 1.5 gallon eclipse explorer tank that was for seahorses that I took to work and put in a fancy guppy that came in with some feeder guppies and two pygmy cories. I have a small piece of driftwood and uses a flourite/gravel mix as a substrate on a UGF Plate. I had a horwort stalk that has grown to 3-5 stalks, a Java fern that I have had to trim back, and a small dwarf sagiteria that may or may not make it.
Normally I disdain from using ugfs but since I vaccum the gravel twice a week it seems to work rather well.


GulfCoastAquarian 08-06-2003 07:47 PM

Welcome to the board. Nano tanks are a heck of a lot of fun. I just re-did my 2.5g nano here at work today and it's looking a lot better than it has been.

Post some pics of your setups when you get a chance!

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