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Perrush 08-05-2003 12:03 PM


what would be your ideal trace mix ??
I guess were only looking for levels of Fe, B, Mn, Zn, Cu, Mo.

S and Cl will already be enough in the water as SO4- (K2SO4) and Cl- (KCl), so I don't think they are needed in a trace mix.

Ca and Mg are an other issue. They are often in the tap water, but differs strongly from egion to region, so no Ca or Mg in a trace needen.

What do you think of this (Fe as reference =1)

Fe=1.00 / B=1.00 / Mn=0.50 / Zn=0.15 / Cu=0.05 / Mo=0.005

Do you think specifiek plants / plant families do need a particular element much more ?? (red plants for instance)

Rex Grigg 08-05-2003 12:13 PM

IMHO that's too much Boron, and too much copper. I would love to get a aquatic trace mix that had very low levels of copper. In your example say 0.005 or so.

I have been searching for the best aquatic trace mineral mix and so far have not been abe to really locate a bulk source. I can have one made but the minimum order is 900 lbs.

Perrush 08-05-2003 01:04 PM

ok tnx for your input Rex, it's noticed.

and I was able to find smaller quantities :D think I can start from 20 lbs or something like that ... < big grin >

I'll post the reason why I took that much B in a while, but have to go now


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