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thever 01-05-2013 03:56 PM

My edge and light question
I had aquired a Fluval Edge(6 gallon) some time ago and had been customizing it for reef duty(overflow,sump,diy led and controller) but now have done a 180 and am planning to go fw planted with it for now. It will still be able to go SW if I so choose down the road

I modified the cover so it sits 90 degrees to normal and the bar goes in front of the opening to spread the light out better. Question I have is how much light does 3 XPG Neutral white(they are actually the 3UP leds-2 blue and 1 white, but dont plan on using the blue except for night light) give off, and what can I grow? Its on a controller so it can be from 100% to just barely lit.

Chiefston 01-09-2013 05:37 AM

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Hi thever!
I have an edge with 4 dimmable cree cool white xpgs myself. For mine, I haven't been able to get my driver up to 100% w/o getting algae. I have CO2 set to make my drop checker lime-green and dose EI. I normally run my LEDs at 60%-ish.
W/ my setup, I am able to grow HC in the foreground, although it hasn't quite spread to the corners yet. I did have DHG in the tank, and it grew well, but i removed it as it was too invasive.
Here's a pic of my tank currently, the HC is about 2 months old and started as two pots from the LFS.
Good luck with the tank, and post some pics!

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