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vnghost 01-03-2013 05:54 AM

vnghost controlling the tank syndrome...picture heavy
i started this planted tank journey in august 2012 with a 5 gallon chi. within a 4-5 month span i ended up with 5 tanks. always had fish tanks, never planted tanks. i ended up with a planted fish tank, a planted shrimp tank, 2 misc tanks, and a somewhat quarantine tank. trying to take controll of my my multi-tank syndrome and shut down tanks one by one. my limit is 2. anyways this is gonna be the first journal as i track the progress of my new cycling mr aqua 7.5 crs tank, and my newly aquired 12 gallon long.
sorry i dont own a camera, this is the best i can do with my iphone.

my fluval chi, the gate way drug to this evil hobby. RIP

my fluval flora (2nd tank), what i consider my first success at keeping a planted tank. RIP

my spec v crs tank (3rd tank, soon to be torn down)

my new 7.5 mr aqua cube. setup 12/29/12 still cycling, half plant grower bed/ half ada aquasoil. RIP

12 gallon long

vnghost 01-03-2013 06:03 AM

my 7.5 being built
carpet was suppose to be temporary until i got my 12 long up but i think i might keep it there.

18 watts over this tank, hoping i dont have any algae issues. plants are all fairing will, its only been a couple days. we will see. no co2, no dosing at the moment.

on another note this is the hardiest shrimp ive ever seen. a cherry shrimp that hitch hiked into the tank when i was transferring a couple plants over.
5 days cycling, he's still swimming around in this tank.
water parameters are almost extreme right now

ced281 01-03-2013 09:13 AM

Nice set up. That RCS is definitely a trooper but I doubt he'll live pretty long with your NH4 and NO2 levels like that! Dark green and purple, yikes!

How long are your photo periods? 18 watts over the 30C will definitely create algae blooms (almost guaranteed if it's a new tank and you're using an enriched soil type substrate). I'd try to cut it down to 6 or 8 hours at max, especially if you are not injecting with CO2. Once the plants catch up to the new environment (probably ~1 to 2 weeks) you'll have less of an algae issue (beyond the typical GSA/film that builds up on your walls).

You should hit a brown algae / diatom bloom within the first few days, but that can almost always be curbed by doing daily 70 to 80% water changes. You can check if you have diatoms in the water column by filling a white bucket with about 2 to 3" of your aquarium water. You'll notice that the water is yellowish/brown.

GMYukonon24s 01-03-2013 01:14 PM

I like your tank. Good job!

vnghost 01-03-2013 03:09 PM

Thanks for the replies. My photoperiod is 8 hours. I am rebuilding my co2 regulator with dual output so if it requires co2 ill be ready. But so far so good. That one shrimp has been in my high tech tank since a baby. I remember tossing him in my fluval flora months ago as a cull. I see him from time to time, even with all the faults along the way he lived. Seems he really built up his tolerance. Well see wat happens haha

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vnghost 01-06-2013 04:12 AM
Water parameters still crazy. Ammonia is starting to drop i guess. All others in the extreme. 30 percent water change every other day. Need to speed this up.

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vnghost 01-12-2013 01:06 AM

most updates will be here now. cant really keep up with both.

so im finally getting started on my 12 long. drove out to ckfishworld to pick up a finnex ray 2, some seiryu stones, and lily pipes. they didnt have any large stones left so i made a last minute change of mind from an iwagumi style setup, gonna try a tree river style instead. tell me what you think of the hardscape. put it together in 20 minutes so any suggestions, criticism is welcomed. gonna pull out the hc in my cube and dsm this 12 long. replacing hc with micro swords, possibly crypt parva, not sure yet. lmk what you think thanks

maybe 2 trees??

vnghost 03-20-2013 06:42 AM

well heres a quickie update. my cube is torn down, and merged into my 12 long. started a reef tank (first time) so only wanted to focus on the 12 long and reef. added some cardinals, rummy noses. ottos and zebranerite, and 2 horned nerites. pulled a couple plants out, added a couple in. another member asked me what plants i have in my tank, heres my attempt at naming them the best i can. feel free to correct me.

tropica 049 left right foreground, cardinal plants far left, ludwigia per? rotala nanj? sunset hydro, some other type of rotalas... alright i give up haha

vnghost 03-20-2013 07:27 AM

my lil cube before i tore it down

Entomodonata 03-21-2013 08:11 AM


Originally Posted by vnghost (Post 2882802)
well heres a quickie update. my cube is torn down, and merged into my 12 long...

Hey vnghost,

Where did you get those L bracket arms that are supporting your light fixture above the tank?

vnghost 03-21-2013 08:13 AM

vnghost controlling the tank syndrome...picture heavy
Zoomed reptile lamp stand on amazon.

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