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Lowe 01-02-2013 04:09 PM

Next shipment delays...
Hey guys. The next shipment, which will include a 30" RAY II DS, has been delayed a bit. Originally scheduled for arrival on the 10th, it has now pushed back to the 15th. Because of some strike complications going on in LA, we have had to re-route the containers through Washington.

Our apologies for the delay!

Minja 01-02-2013 04:41 PM

:) it'll be here sooner or later.

Apyrase 01-03-2013 12:00 AM

Will the 30" FugeRay be included as well?

kevins007 01-03-2013 01:34 AM

Will this include the 48"?

Lowe 01-03-2013 02:49 PM

30" FugeRays and 48" RAY II DS will be back.

MarcelVal 01-07-2013 12:58 AM


Originally Posted by Lowe (Post 2141825)
30" FugeRays and 48" RAY II DS will be back.

Where can I order a 30" FugeRay?

creekbottom 01-07-2013 01:14 AM

MarcelVal 01-08-2013 01:04 AM

The buy button on takes me to AquaVibrant, but they do not list the 30" FugeRay. Is that because it is out of stock?

creekbottom 01-08-2013 02:05 AM

I believe they said wait till the 15th or so. The next shipment was delayed. I'm waiting too...

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