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cousin it 11-01-2002 04:51 AM

just thought Id say hi seeing as Im new here.
I have been keeping fish for about 20 years now and concentrating on planted tanks for the last 7.

m.lemay 11-01-2002 09:25 PM

Welcome to the board. 7 years aquatic plant keeping. Cool. Your experience will be much appreciated here. Stick around!!!:cool:

cousin it 11-01-2002 10:24 PM

I hope to stick around as it seems like a nice place here.
hopefully some of the problems I have dealt with in that time will help some one experiencing the same thing.

*edit*I just noticed that Im classed as an algae true :hehe: *edit*

SNPiccolo5 11-02-2002 02:19 PM

I was sooo happy when I found this board, it was exactly what I was looking for! I'm sure your experience will be an asset to this board!


cousin it 11-03-2002 12:04 AM

It seems very friendly here so I'll stick around.
members here seem to have plenty of original Ideas which I like as I get fed up with people being sheep and following the crowd.
hopefully I will be able to help

GulfCoastAquarian 11-04-2002 02:06 PM

You'll definitely like it here. The site is still young (only a few months old) but already has a decent membership. Plants take experience and new members can really benefit from the experience of enthusiasts such as yourself.

One thing for sure that you've already established is that you don't need to stick with "common" planted tank fish. Those apistos are just gorgeous in your planted tanks. I'm having a HECK of a time trying to find a breeder in my area, though!

cousin it 11-06-2002 05:27 PM

the apistos currently have one brood about 5 weeks old and another brood which hatched out about 2 days ago If I was nearby you could have a pair.
they are also called cockatoo cichlids if that helps

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