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stevenjohn21 12-26-2012 04:56 AM

Planaria problems
I have seen an increased number of what seems to be Planaria in my tank. I do not see that many during the day (whilst lights are on) but at night when i turn on the light to check things, i see millions on the glass. There seems to be a lot more on the opposite end to where my C02 is being diffused (maybe coincidence)
After reading a little about them, the main cause seems to be over feeding. I have maybe 50 red cherry shrimp in the tank (75 gallon moderatly planted) and i actuallt rarely feed the shrimp (maybe once a week with 2 algae wafers or a sprinkle of shrimp pellets) the food is usually gone within an hour or 2 so i know my shrimp are eating and i dont see any leftovers)
I also do a 40% WC once a week and have done since the tank was setup (maybe 3-4 months ago) What could be causing this sudden bloom ?

More tank details:
75 gallon
flourite/pool filter substrate
pressurized C02 runs 24/7
2x Rena XP-3 filters
Heater at 73 degrees
4x 54w T5 HO

Hardstuff 12-26-2012 06:15 AM

I have , had them in my newly set up quarantine tank. I noticed a small amount only where the light hits the glass near the corner. I do not illuminate the entire tank. I squashed them with my finger & I have not noticed any since which was about 2 weeks ago. I do see string like projections in that same area , not sure if its algae or newly forming ones on the glass? I use sponge & internal canisters on that tank. I read they are in the water supplies & if nutrient levels get higher enough they will form. Certain meds , do your HW can kill them as well as lowering nitrates. Come to think of it when I first saw them I had high nitrates, since it was newly cycled with ammonia. They were higher than 40 ppms when I noted them. Now I am below 30ppms last time I checked & I do not see any at the moment. My other planted tank I have a case of white worms which are dinitrius in nature . Sorry about the spelling. I know they are living in my substrate even though my tank looks great. They could be causing a nitrate spike which I am currently trying to figure out. I read flubinzole will kill them & is ok for most shrimps. That was my best shot at your problem.

Hardstuff 12-26-2012 06:53 AM

Another thing you could try also is pack some carbon in the canisters to pull out more doc's out of the water. I did that for a month in the planted tank & the water became ultra clear & the plants did not mind.
I am guessing you run 24/7 with the CO2 because you have a controller? If not, I would not run at night because you are wasting gas & stressing fish. It could also contribute to the planaria problem , because there will be less 02 anyway during this period & higher CO2 is not going to help in my opinion. If anything, higher O2 would help rid Planaria even if it is not a direct cause. A tank with higher O2 levels is healthier within reason as long as it is not saturated. Increasing surface agitation could also be worth a try. Just a thought.

stevenjohn21 01-08-2013 04:25 AM

I have tried carbon and also changing 10 gallons of water everyday. I have yet to feed my shrimp that are in the tank, as i know there is enough algae and plant matter to keep them full. How can the worms still be surviving with no food ?

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