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drhemlock2 12-18-2012 05:56 PM

gathering plants for tank
okay i have been gathering the things i need (or think i need) for a 75 gallon planted tank setup. i am not able to spend very much at a time (disabled from military AF) so i can only buy a little at a time. i was wondering if it was possible to gather an assortment of plants not having the 75 tank setup prior to the setup that way i have enough planted material when i do set it up and start its cycle process. could i use a couple of 10 gallon tanks to gather the material and make a setup lighting etc to keep them alive until they are needed?

Jadelin 12-18-2012 06:55 PM

I don't see why that wouldn't work as long as you have proper lighting for them, and with no fish you may need to fertilize them; I've done something similar myself.

However, you often save money (at least on shipping) if you buy more plants at once; would there be any way to set aside the money you would spend gradually acquiring them and instead buy them all at once? I just know that shipping adds up; usually $6 is minimum, so if you buy 1 order of plants that still fits in a small box instead of 3, you've saved yourself $12 right there.

Also, make sure you check out the for sale/trade section on this forum for good prices on healthy plants; it is by far the best source around.

drhemlock2 01-07-2013 11:24 PM

okay i am going to start gathering low light plants i have a ten gallon tank setup with a 125 watt cfl later to be a 30 gallon tank. if someone has some low light plants that they can put together for me that would be nice it would be towards the first of nwxt month before i could pay though veteran's disability pay not much but i gathering things a little at a time. i found these from a thread on here and going to order some a little at a time on the first, if i remember..



Axelrodi202 01-07-2013 11:33 PM

I really do recommend starting with as many plants as you can. It helps to prevent problems such as algae. Also, you save money on shipping if you buy at once, as it often costs as much to ship 5 plants as it does to ship 12. If you only want low light plants, a 125 watt CFL bulb over a 10 gallon tank should be fine as long as you keep it raised above the tank a few inches. You'd probably need to fertilize them though.

drhemlock2 01-08-2013 11:42 AM

some proposed plants to get
Using the encylopedia of plants i have chosen these plants to start out does anyone see a problem with a low light tank amazon style. thanks in advance
Anubis barti var. nana
Ammannia gacilis (Delicate Ammannia)
Bacopa mnnieri (Dwarf Bacopa)
Barclaya lngifora (Orchid Lily)
Bolbitis hudeloitii (African Fern)
Ceratophyllum dmersum (Hornwart)
Crinum ntam (African Onion Plant)
Cryptocoryne affinis
Cryptocoryne lutea
Cryptocoryne walleri
Egeria densa (Elodea)
Hydrophila corymbosa
Lagarosiphon major (African Water Weed)
Microsorium petropus (Java Fern)
Salvinia auriculata (Salvinia)

this is not an exclusive list there are more and i may not want all what do you think?

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