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Grant427 12-14-2012 09:50 PM

29 Gallon Planted Tank
Hey everyone!

I'm new to the forum and to planted tanks. Have been keeping large fish in tanks between 400 and 700 gallons for a few years, but want to try something new. I have done some research and dug up what I can around the house to set up the tank at a low cost. I found my Coralife 30" T5 fixture, takes (2) 31W bulbs (I just ordered new ones online - one is 6700K and the other 10000K). Not sure what kind of flow you want in a planted tank, I have an Aquaclear 110 and an FX5 laying around that I can use. Been looking for a CO2 system, either buying or building one. Does this equipment list look like it should set me up alright? What substrate should I use? Not exactly sure on the plants I want to keep, but I want a Dwarf Hairgrass carpet, with some bushy red plants in the back. Plant suggestions would be great!


partobe 12-14-2012 10:18 PM

Hey Grant Im also new to the planted tank world. I started a 40 gallon about a year and a half ago. Not sure about your lights I bought led lights. I had 2 hang on back filters they worked fine for about a year then I replaced them with a canister. If you can find a canister I think in the long run thats your best bet. I tried the home made co2 and for me it was just a mess so I just bought a co2 and get it filled every few months. If your going to have fish you will need a co2 drop checker relativity cheap but you need one so you dont gas your fish. Soil everyone likes different types you can buy soil made for planted tanks or you can buy other kinds if you buy reg substrate you may want to add some fertilizer tablets. You will also need fertilizer for your plants. I use liquid it cost more but since Im new they are safer. Plants my experiences with red plants hasnt been good. They always die I do think they are more difficult then the green but there are so many different shades of green plants that I dont miss them. Im sure more experience folks will be able to shed more light on your post good luck

Grant427 12-18-2012 09:05 PM

So I got my CO2 setup all figured out today, got a 10lb bottle that needs to be filled, I've decided that I will do part of the tank with potting mix topped with sand and part with black flourite. I will see which yields the best results for when I get a larger tank. Will post pictures soon.

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