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phoenixkiller 12-13-2012 04:14 AM

Need help! HC questions, along with lighting, substrate, and aquascaping!
Hey guys!

Tearing down a 10 gallon for a while, as some may know, but I have some... uhh... speed bumps.

I want to grow Hemianthus Callitrichoides (Also known as HC, and sometimes Dwarf Baby Tears), but lighting is kinda an issue as of late. I need a strong enough light to grow some nice, healthy, compact Hemianthus Callitrichoides, but can't find anything under like $80. I've seen Archea, Ray II, FishNeedIt fixtures, none really fit the budget. Any way to grow it with maybe a DIY fixture? I'll DIY anything, I just dunno what to look for. If you have any ideas on a reasonably priced fixture, or how to inexpensively DIY something (Or even better, have a good one lying around, with no further use for that you could sell), please let me know!!

For you soil-planted-tankers, how the heck am I supposed to aquascape with dirt being stirred up every time I messed with the tank?? I like the idea of rich, inexpensive soil, capped with sand, just seems really messy to me.

Anyone know of a type of aquarium-safe rock that preferably doesn't mess with pH, and doesn't break the bank (I speak of Seiryu stone here)? I just want a few good sized, rough edged stones that would give a nice touch to the tank.

Any good wood that goes with it? Type of wood? Got a piece lying around you could part with, that would work well?

What about other plants? Can you think of any that would compliment a carpet of HC?

There, done peppering you with questions, lol. Maybe someone kind out there has some time, and can answer a few of my questions. My primary question is the lighting question, answer it if you can!!

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