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slingfox 12-12-2012 01:29 PM

Direct Sunlight with Hagen Power-Glo?

I am starting a new planted tank, but there is one catch. The tank is in direct sunlight on an enclosed balcony (wife's decision :icon_cry:)

I am trying to achieve two aims: A) Minimual Algae B) Lush plant growth.

I already got CO2 injection, PO4 reducing filter media, Purgien for getting the Nitrate level in check. so only thing left in place is getting lighting sorted.

I am thinking two options on the lighting. (It is a standard Juwel 70 Liter Tank, only 1 T8 slot)

1) Crazy option: Shield Tank completed from Sunlight, making a "curtain" to cover the tank completely during the day, and use a Flora Sun T8 light which has both blue and red spectrum.

2) Balance option: This is the one I want get your opinon. As solar spectrum in mainly in Red/Yellow range, I could just get a Hagen Power-Glo T8 which has strong Blue Spectrum and minimal Red Spectrum, so the plant can take Blue Spectrum from the PowerGlo, and Red Spectrum from Sunlight. Hopefully with CO2, it will still keep algae in check even under direct sunlight.

What do you think about Option 2? I want to avoid putting the Flora Sun with direct sunlight, as it will peak the red spectrum and causing algae boom. Can you think any other lights that may suitable my particular arrangement.

Also, When people say sunlight causing Algae, is it purely because of the intensity of the red spectrum? Any other causes I need to address putting a planted tank in sunlight?


Steve001 12-12-2012 02:36 PM

I mainly light my tank by using either direct or diffused sunlight because it varies with the seasons. I also use some supplemental light with this bulb which is run when I feel like running it.
My tank is a 45 gallon column style.

Don't worry about spectrum of the bulbs. Your tank is getting plenty of correct spectral distribution from the sunlight. What you need to do is limit the amount of direct sunlight if algae develops.

Plant heavily from the start so the vascular plants can out compete algae.
Limit fish population. Don't over stock
You don't absolutely need PO4 reducing filter media, Purgien for getting the Nitrate level in check. Plants and bacteria through metabolic activity rid the tank of those chemical elements.
Frequent water changes.

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