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cobra 12-12-2012 01:17 PM

ADA stand build
Good Morning Guys and Gals,
Iím in the initial stages of building an ADA style stand for a 90-H. [censored]Couple of questions: [censored]First, does anybody know if Jason Balaban is still active on any of these forums? With his DIY ADA stands he used Formica laminate. [censored]I plan on doing the same. [censored]In some of the photos of his handwork I canít tell whether he used a flush-bit laminate bit or a bevel-edge laminate bit. [censored]I have never seen an actual ADA store bought stand in person so I donít have a frame of reference there either. [censored]Second, I plan on spraying the interior compartment with paint. [censored]However, in all of my limited painting adventures it always seems that the darn primer often looks better than the paint itself. [censored](for having that neutral, low gloss or no gloss look). [censored]Can anybody recommend a proven water resistant primer that can be purchased in spray can form?
Thanks Much!

Hoppy 12-12-2012 05:28 PM

[censored]Are you having a bad day?

As I recall he only used straight trim bits. My experience with laminating formica is that the straight bits work great for that.

Any spray can paint, as long as it isn't shellac based, is water resistant. We don't need epoxy paint for the very limited amount of water splashing we run into, so that lets us use just about anything else. But, you can get epoxy paint in spray cans too.

cobra 12-12-2012 05:39 PM

That's weird. The iPhone inserted the censor remark at every space between sentences. :-O 12-13-2012 01:46 AM


Originally Posted by cobra (Post 2107436)
However, in all of my limited painting adventures it always seems that the darn primer often looks better than the paint itself.

You can have primer tinted where ever they do color matching. It may not be precise, as the tint bases characteristics are programed into the color matching machines, but it can be close.

As to spraying it, look for a Jennican or a rechargeable spray can.
Harbor Freight's model is this one.

Here is another type

White foam paint rollers do a great job of putting paint on very evenly and essentially flat. Some times better than a spray job would be.

Green_Flash 12-26-2012 08:51 PM

yeah Jason is still active, send him a PM if you have any more questions. :)

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