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hanssg 12-11-2012 08:16 PM

upgrading lighting
hello guys this is my first post here hope you can help.i have a 63 litre tank with one t8 light tube this cant be changed as i have the rekord 600 tank looking to upgrade to a t5 canopy with 2 24 watt tubes will this be ok would it be classed as low medium or high lighting thanks in advance.

Darkblade48 12-11-2012 10:11 PM

Rather than thinking about lighting in terms of wattage, it is best to think about it in terms of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR).

Here is a good article written by Hoppy regarding the topic:

You can determine how much light you will have at substrate level using the chart.

mitchfish9 12-12-2012 02:59 AM

It depends on the height of the tank, and the quality of the brand of fixture.

You should find your answers in the article above though^^

hanssg 12-12-2012 03:59 PM

thanks for replying guys my tank is 12 deep and my light fixture would be 4 inch above tank.

mitchfish9 12-13-2012 03:10 AM

48 watts over only 16 inches seems like it would make it high light

mitchfish9 12-13-2012 03:15 AM

Depends on the brand of light though though

Darkblade48 12-13-2012 04:43 AM


Originally Posted by hanssg (Post 2107594)
thanks for replying guys my tank is 12 deep and my light fixture would be 4 inch above tank.

You will need to specify if you are using T5NO or T5HO as well.

As mentioned, the lighting fixture that you are using will also affect the amount of lighting you have (i.e. whether they have reflectors, etc)

Here is a more up-to-date guide written by Hoppy for your perusal.

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