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inthepacific 12-11-2012 03:46 AM

mislabeled shrimp
so i bought some shrimp off craigslist last week really cheap. they said they were juvenile red cherry shrimp and most of them have molted and all have turned out to be orange which is kind of disappointing. i was wondering if they would produce any red offspring if mixed with some painted red cherries.

Newman 12-11-2012 03:52 AM

can you post some pics?
some red cherries can look slightly orange when young until they mature and berry, then they become crimson red.
feed them a spirulina diet and see if they turn more red.

but if your shrimp are yellow-orange hue then yes those are not red cherries.
if they're red-orange then they might be red cherry.

inthepacific 12-11-2012 04:10 AM

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here are the pictures. so one is of the juvies on a hikari wafer piece then the other is two from another batch i bought off someone that were fire red cherries but im not sure what happened to the rili-ish looking one its looked that way since i got it. anyways im wondering what the offspring would look like if painted reds and these orange ones mated. (i was thinking of buying some more painted reds to get more red offspring) they look a lot less orange in this picture but in person they're actually pretty orange

sbarbee54 12-11-2012 04:39 AM

Those all look like cherry to me give them some time to adapt and grow. They will be red

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wicca27 12-11-2012 04:49 AM

either just young or low grade like when cherry shrimp first came on the market

inthepacific 12-11-2012 04:54 AM

whose cheryl sbarbee? lol auto correct ftw. but yea im hoping they'll get redder and have a ton of well colored babies.

GMYukonon24s 12-11-2012 09:48 AM

You'll be amazed when they show more red. I know I was.

Rob in Puyallup 12-12-2012 04:39 AM

I'm liking the mottled look!

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sbarbee54 12-12-2012 04:51 AM

I meant cherry I do not know what happened

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wicca27 12-12-2012 04:22 PM

the cherrys i have look like that any time i see one of my rili's that is full red it toss it in with the cherrys lol no new rili yet but never know what will happen. those are just low grade cherrys that is what they looked like back in the 90's when they first went on the market and since then people have been working on getting more solid and bright color red in them. i myself kinda like the old ones that is y i keep them

inthepacific 12-13-2012 05:19 AM

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haha just thought i'd post this for fun. they were like this for a good 10 minutes. shrimp love

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