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Wheely34 12-10-2012 11:36 PM

Type of algae UV Sterilization deals with...
I'm looking to incorporate UV sterilization into my 45 gallon, but I wanted to know exactly what kinds of algae it kills. I don't have too much of an algae problem other than just needing to scrub a very thin layer off the glass every week and a half to two weeks. It is more of just a disease preventative and a gift idea for my girlfriend for the up coming holidays..and if it can manage to make my water even clearer than it already is, than all the better.

The reason I am questioning the algae, and I'm not sure if this is something I should even be worrying about, is because I have a Pleco in the tank. As of now, it seems my tank propagates just enough to not be a nuisance but enough to provide adequate food for the pleco.

The tank is a tiger barb community tank and they are just ravenous when it's feeding time, so getting the pleco an alternate source of food is next to impossible. Either way, he's been in the tank for about a year now and is perfectly healthy, so food mustn't be an issue...however, I don't want it to become an issue if I run a UV sterilizer. Is this something I should be worrying about?

Darkblade48 12-11-2012 12:00 AM

UV sterilization will effectively deal with green water. Other types of algae, not so much so.

In any case, you could always supplement your Pleco with some vegetable wafers, blanched zucchini, etc just before lights out.

Wheely34 12-11-2012 12:05 AM

Well I don't have any free floating algae problems. Any algae I have is in the form of very thin layers either on the glass or plants, which is quickly eaten by the pleco.

No matter what I put in that tank, whether algae wafers, zucchini, etc., and no matter which method I use to get it into the tank, my barbs refuse to let it exist for more than a few minutes. Any algae I do have is the primary food source for the Pleco and the last thing I want to do is eliminate that source. However, if UV light deals mainly with free-floating algae, than it should be fine.

discuspaul 12-11-2012 12:18 AM

UV sterilization will deal with any type of algae so long as you can manage to get it free-floating into the water column. It must be able to pick it up out of the water to get it into it's UV light process to zap it. It cannot remove it from plants, glass, decor, etc. - stands to reason, doesn't it ?
For example, it will deal with green dust algae, IF you scrape it off the glass, get it free-floating, thus allowing the sterilizer to pick it up & deal with it. Same with green dot algae & black-beard algae, if you scrape it off and get it into the water column.
Simplistic ? Yes

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