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jbrady33 12-10-2012 07:53 PM

Prototype/sample of the new Fugeray Clip-on!
Hello all,

Lowe sent me a prototype of the upcoming clip on lights with Fugeray internals! Overall I really like the unit and form factor, much better than other clip on lights I have used.

Some Pics:

The 'head' of the unit appears to contains the same works as the 12" Fugeray, but in a much slimmer shell. Same aluminum construction with acrylic (or polycarb, not sure) splash shield.

Here it is mounted on a 3 gallon JBJ picotope

Nice unit here are some points:

The good:
- Fugeray LED! :) great spread and coverage
- nice stiff arm, very adjustable - stay where you put it.
- looks good, nice work slimming the head down. The regular Fugeray hulks over a small tank a little bit, this is nice and airy.
- Fugeray LED!

The bad:
- look at the size of that ugly tank mount :) The transformer is in the clip, so instead of a 'wall wort' it is a 'tank wart'. Hopefully this will improve on the production models! The transformer on the cord (like the original Fugeray) would be just fine with me.
- The tank clip doesn't feel 'bullet proof' to me, and since it is holding electrical equipment over water I would like to feel that :) If the screw was on the outside I think the leverage would be better.
- one switch, no independent white/blue controls.
- this one they already fixed - my early unit has 10k whites (washes out colors to much) the production models will have 7k whites like the regular fugerays - much better.
- the clip can only be on the left side of the tank because of the way it attaches to the arm. Just plan around that (moved my filter over)

Conclusion: great light that could be made FANTASTIC with some small changes. If the transformer was on the cord and the clip was some brushed metal slickness this thing could run with the ADA type crowd!

Couesfanatic 12-31-2012 03:31 AM

Thanks for the write up. Any information on when these will be out or if the small inconveniences will be changed?

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