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sbarbee54 12-08-2012 09:01 PM

Pictures Of Your Sumps
I am going to be doing a sump for my 55 gallon planted Discus tank. So i am looking for IDEAS and setups so I can do mine. As well as good ones that are off the shelf variety with some maybe added DIY features I can do to make it batter. As well as good overflows.

Sd760 12-08-2012 09:03 PM

Awesome thread

Saltybob 12-09-2012 02:44 AM

I'm subscribed.

dprais1 12-09-2012 04:38 AM

Here is my sump design---which I love the simplicity of.

but I only have three sheets of poret foam. 1 4" coarse, 1 2" med, 1 2" fine. This is for my 75 gal tank. the sump is a 30 gallon tank. return pump is a mag 5.

according to swiss tropical the foam only needs to be cleaned once a year or twice a year.

-can get much simpler, easier or cheaper!

shadetreeme 12-09-2012 05:03 AM

The only thing I would remind you about is to check how much water will come into your sump if the power goes out, and adjust your running water level accordingly.
I almost made that mistake!

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dprais1 12-09-2012 05:09 AM


Originally Posted by shadetreeme (Post 2104056)
The only thing I would remind you about is to check how much water will come into your sump if the power goes out, and adjust your running water level accordingly.
I almost made that mistake!

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excellent point. that is in fact why I have a 30 gallon, the foam is sized for a 20L and if I have the sump filled to almost the top of the foam that gives me about 10 extra gallons to play with. I turn the pump off to test and I only get about five more gallons drain to the sump, so no risk of flooding.

sbarbee54 12-09-2012 05:36 AM

Good call, I run all my aquarium on UPS back ups

sbarbee54 12-09-2012 05:21 PM

No one?

wkndracer 12-09-2012 06:15 PM


Originally Posted by sbarbee54 (Post 2104384)
No one?

At work 7 days a week so grabbing pics of the sumps isn't exactly easy for me right now but I did a thread on the trickle tower sump I tore apart and have since setup 2 more replacing canisters using direct flow end to end going through sponge panels. Any new sumps here will use direct flow to eliminate splash and CO2 losses.

Threads on all my crazy water weed stuff here on TPT.

Crob5965 12-09-2012 06:53 PM

I have some designs on my Desktop I'll send them to you Via E-mail if youd like
I'll be building a 10 gal either for my 55 or my 40B over Xmas and will post pics too

Great thread btw

jmsaltfish797 12-09-2012 07:14 PM

sump design
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my sump is a fairly simple diy project. i took a 15 gal tall and siliconed in two pieces of glass and used a light diffuser panel from home depot. the main filter chamber has a piece of glass that runs top to bottom with a inch and a half gap at the bottom. i then siliconed in a few short pieces of pvc to raise the diffuser panels off the bottom. i filled said chamber with about five gallons worth of bio balls, and topped it off with a few sheets of filter floss to screen out big chunks. i then added a baffle in between the filter chamber and the return pump area. i sized it to fit a foam filter from the large aqua clear hang on filters, along with other types of media(phosphate sponge, etc...). my sump handles a heavily plant, somewhat overstocked tank no problem. all i have to do is clean and replace the filter floss every few months. other then that it is practically a no maintenance filter system. total price with return pump and hang on over flow(glass tank) was a little over $100 total, that includes having glass custom cut. i hope this helps you on your project.

sbarbee54 12-11-2012 04:50 PM

Ok we have 2 people, anyone else care to share

JoeGREEEN 12-11-2012 05:15 PM

basic utilitarian (ugly) sumps
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Originally Posted by sbarbee54 (Post 2106547)
Ok we have 2 people, anyone else care to share

I have 5 display tanks of diffrent sizes with sumps of diffrent sizes.

These 2 pictures are from an album in my profile. (they are basic diy bucket wet drys sitting above the water line of a glass tank) You are probably interested in more elaborate sumps.

I recently built one using 1/4" cell cast acrylic to fit snugly under my 40B and add around 29 gallons of extra water volume. I will try to get pictures later on this 1.

Kind of embarrasing I was changing the sump heaters when I took these pictures hence the crazy wires on floor and hanging off wall mount. lol

Kathyy 12-11-2012 05:48 PM

Here is the guts of the sump which is a really beat up 40 gallon acrylic breeder. Drains on the left then you can see the egg crate I used to tie the heaters together then the big 10 pore per inch blue Poret sponge with odds and ends of biological media then black 20ppi Poret. The two pumps are cushioned with more sponge. The blue square is the main sump pump and the other one feeds the 20" Cerges reactor on the right hand side. Both pumps have ball valves in case I need to choke them back. The 40 gallon breeder sits on a piece of 1/2" foam insulation from Home Depot and is covered with corrugated plastic that still needs trimming.

Here is the top of the sump showing much of the plumbing. The main drain with ball valve to tune in the Herbie style overflow is on top, emergency drain is inside the tank so I didn't have to clamp it all down as it isn't in use in ordinary circumstances. The black line is CO2, the power cords come out behind the main drain and around to the other side of the stand to stay well away from the water. You can see the tubing going to the Cerge's reactor which sits in the sump because there is plenty of room there and no room elsewhere!

Sump is running in the photos and is as full as it can be. With pumps off and standpipe in the overflow pulled to fish out surfers the sump is completely full. Luckily the tank and sump are well enough covered that there is very little evaporation and I likely wouldn't have to top off for weeks and weeks.

eeng168 12-11-2012 08:35 PM

I have my sumps customized to the way I want...I won't have pics until the weekend though, sorry...

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