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ReefDuckk 12-08-2012 12:14 PM

My New and first planted tank....
Hey guys! As you can tell from my name I'm not exactly all freshwater :D but my new tank is, it was a reef a few months ago but I decided high costs, some failure and high maintenance meant I closed my tank down. I am planning a small tank with varying plant species, in the foreground I have tall almost sword like plants (I'm not all too aware on my plant names and need to catch up on them), in the front there's some spikey plants and a bushy one. The tank is based on a real life garden I am reconstructing from memory. There will be tall plants at the back, a lawn with several bushes and from there on I am free to do what I like. On the equipment side, I have one out of two T5's running on marine whiye 10,000k , is this ok or shall I change them? I have a heater(not much to say about it lol) a fluval U2 that I will eventually upgrade to a external canister with glass ends. For substrate I have Nutribase as a base, then florabase. I also have a bag of carbon in there. I also have an airpump. Any hints and tips or suggestions are welcome. I have a low budget for this one and I will post some pics after the tank has started to settle after planting. Oh by the way the tank has been cycling for about 2 months prior to this post.

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