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aclypse 12-06-2012 05:52 PM

Lighting for a standard 75G Planted Tank. (Help needed)
Hopefully someone can help me out here!

Been lurking for a while but I think this is my first actual post on this site!

Here is the fixture I have currently:

It has (4) 130Watt Power Compacts which should be plenty of light, however the bulbs are getting older and are starting to encourage algae growth!

Also it was used on my older Reef Tank, so I still have (2) Blue Lights in there I like the 50/50 light combo but I know the blues are not doing much for my plants so I usually only keep the Whites on. I could only run 2 bulbs since 260 Watts seems "ok" for this size tank but I really wanted all 4 operational and all of the bulbs to be in the right spectrum. Either all 10k or a mixture of 10k & 6700k.

Started shopping online and found replacement bulbs here:

They are $52.99 a piece! That's over $200.00 on bulbs, and on top of that I contacted Current USA and they will stop producing these bulbs this/next year!

I want to switch to something more standard like T5 HO or T5 I have checked Amazon and found these but I don't know that it would supply enough light:

I am trying to stay around $200.00 here anything way over that and it seems more cost effective at this moment to just buy the bulbs!

Also I have played around with the idea of building my own at Home Depot/Lowes but my local ones don't have any T5 HO fixtures. Another local hardware store does but its well over $200.00 for 48"

Have an old reef fixture, costs $200.00 to replace 4 bulbs, thinking of getting new fixture.

75G Planted Tank
48"L x 18"W x 21"H

TexasCichlid 12-06-2012 08:15 PM

What sort of plants do you have? Do you have CO2? What are your goals?

Low light plants with no CO2? - Finnex Fugeray

Medium light plants with CO2? -- Finnex Ray II

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