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scotty b 12-05-2012 11:13 PM

iron hungry column feeder ?
i have a high light npt, i have a miner bit of web algae witch if i recall is caused my exes FE so i wanted to get a column feeding plant that would starve out the algae any ideas ?

i have duck weed, water lettuce, frogbit and anacharis.

thank you for any help

@marko@ 12-06-2012 01:25 AM

any red stem should use up a decent amount of iron.

danakin 12-06-2012 04:07 AM

Ludwigia repens, alternanthera reinikii are the two that come to my mind the quickest.

scotty b 12-06-2012 04:26 AM

thanks so red plants absorb more FE? im i right that web algae is from excess FE?
i used a natural clay witch is iron rich so it would make seance

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