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jennesque 12-03-2012 04:48 PM

Subwasstang carpet..?
I attached Java Moss to the rocks with louffa (sp?) and not only did I get pretty slow growth in this tank, the java rocks are all collecting a ridiculous amount of waste in the tank. My water consistently looked dirty and even if I would gravel vac around the rocks every other day they'd still look dusty and gross.. I was curious if the problem would go away if I got rid of the rocks and tah-dah, my water cleared up overnight. So, no more Java Moss on rocks.

I bought some subwassertang to try out instead. I'm trying to get a bushy look around the bottom of my driftwood and thought this might do the job. I just don't know how to plant it. I'm not sure I want to use the same method as I did with the Java Moss.. I do have some plastic mesh from the craft section and I'm wondering if I can just tie it down to the plastic mesh? Usually I see people putting moss and other similar plants in between two pieces of mesh and tying the mesh together - is this necessary?

Or does anyone have any other ideas? I don't know if just sticking it into the substrate a bit would work.

gordonrichards 12-03-2012 10:37 PM

You can tie it down with your louffa to stones/rocks. It will produce a ball and will slowly creep over time. You can pull the rock out and trim when it gets too big.


ZLogic 12-04-2012 12:41 AM

It never attached for me. I tried driftwood, rocks, and a coarse rope and nothing. Eventually it settled into a corner where the flow pushed it to and it became a large "pillow". I imagine it'd be great for fry. BTW, subwassertang collected debris like my java moss, amano shrimp cleared that up nicely.

secuono 12-04-2012 12:47 AM

I don't attach it, it rarely sticks. I just let it take over the bottom. Easy to scoop it up, rinse it, clean the bottom of the tank and then dump it back.
Great for shrimp, btw.

Sake 12-04-2012 01:10 AM

Sticks pretty well for me, Have a branch right in the flow of my HOB filter, gets stuck on stems, and even had to pull a piece off of an Assassin snail the other day O.o

jennesque 12-04-2012 02:01 AM

Hmm.. maybe I'll just see if it will stay put. There's not a lot of water current in that area of the tank.

I hope this doesn't gather too much crud. :/ I've already got amano shrimp and they couldn't keep up. The 'dust' was all over the tank.

Monster Fish 12-04-2012 02:24 AM

IME, if you don't have heavy flow, subwassertang will grow into a nice clump wherever it settles.

RoyalFizbin 12-04-2012 03:44 AM

I've got it in my shrimp tank and it has totally engulfed the piece of wood that i attached it to. There is no visible wood at all. I think it attaches great to wood and im surpised that the inside layers aren't rotting away and causing it to detach. The thickest parts might be 5 inches tall.

STS_1OO 12-04-2012 03:54 AM

That would be one tough carpet to maintain. I had a bunch that outgrew itself and then slowly decayed. When it did that, it disintegrated into small pieces covering my substrate.

This stuff breaks apart easy and any agitation (especially a water change) really shoots it everywhere. I see it difficult to maintain as a carpet and even then, I have a hunch that you won't like it so much as a carpet.

I would go with something that roots itself and/or clings to the substrate for a decent carpet.

umdterps96 12-05-2012 03:58 PM

i agree with Gordon. You can also use fishing line or thread. You can pull them out easily to trim. i like to rinse mine in the discarded water during water changes to get the debris out.

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