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Max Kenji 12-02-2012 09:47 PM

Available for sale Ebi-ten/Nishiki PRL PBL 12/2/12
This is the last sale until Feb since I will travel to Japan on mid Dec. All shrimp will ship out on Dec 10th.

Tank Parameters:

Ph: 6.2-6.5
TDS: 120-140
GH: 4-5
KH: 0-1
Temp: 72

Nishiki-ebi PRL Grade A - $65/each

Nishiki-ebi PBL Grade A - $65/each

Ebi-ten PRL Grade A - $65/each ( a few left)

I also have a few mixed band Nishiki PRL available (most of them got
pre-ordered) please contact for more details. $25/each. Their color is not solid though.

A tracking number of the shipment is provided at the time of shipment.

Live Arrival Guarantee

We offers a Live Arrival Guarantee on all animals sold to buyers in the United States of America. If shrimp are dead on arrival, the shrimp will either be replaced (shipping at the cost of the buyer), or a refund will be given for the amount of shrimp that have died - but only if all conditions* are met.


Buyer must receive delivery on first delivery attempt (or picked up at post office same day)
Guarantee voided if shipping delay is buyers fault
Guarantee voided if shipping is delayed or mishandled by shipping company
Buyer must provide DOA pictures within 2 hours of delivery. Pictures must be taken in unopened bag

hedge_fund 12-21-2012 01:45 AM

Looking for a pair of the Ebiten Grade A.

1. I need a male and female
2. Would need to be adults
3. Would prefer dark blood red color
4. Since I'm one state away, can you ship Priority Mail after Christmas is over?

Let me know.

newbieplanter 01-25-2013 01:55 PM

wow $60 for one shrimp, I dont mean any disrespect at all but why such a high price for a creature that doesnt do anything? Are these like ghost shrimp or shrimp sold at petco or on ebay whats the difference?

sbarbee54 01-25-2013 09:52 PM

Newbie planter google or search the forum Pure Re Line CRS, also look up Ebi-ten Pure Red Line Shrimp. They are one of the highest quality shrimps you can buy. A ghost shrimp is like a Suzuki Car compared to a Ebi-ten PRL the highest end Lambo or Boguati you can buy. There high end PRL can go for 1000+ each

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