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AquaticGardeners 11-30-2012 02:46 PM

AGA 2012 Convention DVD now available!

Erik has been editing for the better part of the month and it's finally done! The 2012 AGA Convention DVD (and Blu Ray in a few more days).


* Two talks by Neils Jacobsen, one technical on the variation and evolution of Cryptocoryne, the other a travelogue of Neil's visits to Southeast Asia over the last 40 years.
* Two talks by Kris Weinhold, one for beginners, the other for more advanced aquatic plant keepers. Learn how to make your own auto-doser!
* A talk by Cavan Allen on hunting for & identifying North American native aquatic plants.
* Brandon McLane from Florida Aquatic Nurseries on propagating aquatic plants. Beginners and advanced alike will enjoy this one.
* Tom Barr talks about the balance between CO2, Light and nutrients.
* Bailin Shaw, Karen Randall and Kris Weinhold unveil the winners of the 2012 Aquascaping Contest
* and a 7-minute edit of the Nano Aquascape Workshop, showing 18 attendees all aquascaping at the same time!

Some technical details:

As with 2008 and 2010, Erik's been filming and editing in High Def using two cameras. You see not only the slides, but also the speakers. Each talk features the original powerpoint slides dropped digitally into the presentation. But beyond that, many of the slides have been re-edited to look better in widescreen. We've attempted to recreate the laser-pointering in important slides. Many of Neils Jacobsen's vintage location photos have been further color corrected so they look better than they did at the convention.

Blu-Ray is available, and this year we've knocked another five bucks off, so it's the same price as the DVD set.

Get one for yourself, and another as a gift for another hobbyist!

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