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jczernia 11-30-2012 04:18 AM

ADA New Amazonia??
I am switching my 20g long CRS SSS tank to ADA New Amazonia substrate and I would like to know what you guys think about using UGF with Amazonia substrate. The UGF is connected to a canister filter. I do know that it might stop buffering pH sooner. Anyone using it with UGF please tell me your experience and thoughts. I would like to start working on it this weekend.
Thank you.

Betta Maniac 11-30-2012 02:37 PM

Have you seen Liam's post on how to set that up? I've been thinking about doing it in the new tank I'm setting up.

jczernia 11-30-2012 04:23 PM

Betta Maniac Thank you.
I know how to set up UGF I would like to hear from people that use ADA New Amazonia and UGF if they like it or if they would they set up UGF and Amazonia substrate in there next tank and why.

mordalphus 11-30-2012 06:25 PM

I did use it, works fine. In my tap water it drives the pH very low, and with the ugf it changes new water quickly to low pH.

jczernia 12-08-2012 01:00 AM

I bought Aqua Soil- NEW Amazonia (20g long Tank) 3.5-4” in the back and 3-3.5” in the front and filled the tank with tap water on Wednesday night did 2x 100% water change on day 2 with tap (rock) water and on day 3 did one more 100% change with distilled water remineralize TDS 140. Today I did some testing my TDS is @ 179 pH 6.5 and gH only at 3??? What happened the tds wend up and the gH went down??
Where can I expect the pH to be with distilled water?? I hope it drops to low 6 mid 5 pH.
Please tell me your experience with ADA NEW Amazonia, TDS, pH and gH.
I do know that Ammonia will be a problem for some time but that is ok
Thank you.

Newman 12-08-2012 01:22 AM

i use the amazonia NEW substrate in my 20L and my TDS and GH behave the same way. i keep it at 6dGH, my pH is slightly lower or around 6.5pH. I just top off with distilled water.
initially my tank was set up with remineralized DI water, then i switched out 50% of it with liquid rock tap water for some reason. that brought my TDS up to 240ppm. Now I'm just not doing anything with it really. if the dGH drops, I add more remineralizer to bump it back to 6dGH. my TDS fluctuates as plants and shrimp use it up and as i add more remineralizer. its at 257ppm now lol...
over a long period of time, say a month or two i think the substrate drives the TDS down on its own, so you shouldn't worry.

jczernia 12-08-2012 01:31 AM

Newman, what kind of shrimp do you have??? I like my CRS to be in 150-175 TDS gH of 6
“then i switched out 50% of it with liquid rock tap water for some reason. that brought my TDS up to 240ppm”
you don’t know what is in your tap water so that could be why your TDS is at 257. I like to use
distilled water and remineralize it to where I want it gH 6 TDS 150 +/-. But thank you for your help

Newman 12-08-2012 01:40 AM

I have mostly just chocolate shrimp in that tank along with very few SSS crystal reds.
I also would want that 150TDS but was pretty dumb to use tap water. idk what hit me that day lol!
I do know that my tap water has an obscene amount of phosphates which probably accounts for most of that TDS being above the 150ppm range i am shooting for.
I use mosura mineral plus as my remineralizer.

plamski 12-08-2012 02:01 AM

How long is your UGF ?
In my 15gal with 20" long UGF Africana and Malaya last less than 8 months .Filter is Eheim 2213 + 2x Jagno. In other 2 15gal with 45" long UGF the same substrates are 14 months already and they will last 6 more at least. We need to have long pipes or very low water flow in order to keep ADA strong. My UGF is covered with 1.5" of Matrix ,Substrate is 2-2.5"

jczernia 12-08-2012 02:34 AM

Plamski I was hoping to hear from you :)
where did you get your 15G?? The 15g tank I have is only 24” long and your UGF is 45”??.
My 20g UGF is 20” long and about 5” wide it covers the back 1/3 or less of the tank.
I did not connect the UGF to my canister I want the water to clear up a bit before I take it out from my temporary holding tank. I had to fill temporary tank with water from my 20 to hold the shrimp while the Amazonia goes through the cycles.
Plamski where is your ph,gh, tds??

plamski 12-08-2012 04:32 AM

For crystals now I have PH 5.1-5.3 because of bad PH meter I lower it and now I'm slowly going to 6.1-6.3. GH 5-5.5 TDS from 170 to 190.
I still can't figure it out for low PH do I need low TDS or opposite?!?!!?
What about PH in top range let say PH6.8 do we have to keep low or high TDS?
TB's are in PH5.2 TDS 145-155 GH4.5-5 .Tigers PH 6.3-6.5 GH 6-7 TDS 200-220
In 15 gal long I did 1/3 from one side with zigzag back-front-back.3" between pipes.
Now ADA is like stiff mud at the bottom and 50-60% whole grain in 1cm at the top.
I'll stop UGF tomorrow and will add prefilter sponge to the outtake. Hopefully bacteria die-off won’t kill tigers.

jczernia 12-08-2012 05:19 AM

How did you lower you pH?? How are you bringing your pH up?? What substrate do you use with your TB’s??
I don’t think one has anything to do with the other. Low TDS means your water is clean and has little dissolved solids low pH is acidic water. My CRS SSS bread like rabbits in low pH 5.6-5.8 at one time I had 16 females berried. I had dieing adults but ton of babies that I did not see, I found 6 panda/ BKK While breaking down my tank it took me 6hr to fish all the babies from the moss.
“Now ADA is like stiff mud at the bottom and 50-60% whole grain in 1cm at the top.
I'll stop UGF tomorrow and will add prefilter sponge to the outtake. Hopefully bacteria die-off won’t kill tigers.” Your filter will have bacteria you should be ok and the stuff in the substrate won’t die that quick. That is why I only did like 30% UGF in the tank.

plamski 12-08-2012 02:01 PM

I have spectra pure RO/DI unit.PH come 6.8 from it. After 4-5 days in the bucket water PH become 4.8-5.2-I don't know why. Buckets have lids and there is no way CO2 to go there. Probably something with our water chemistry.
TB's are in 3 tanks .One with Africana. One with Malaya-only this one left from total of 4 the rest Malaya get muddy on 3th day. One With Africana where UGF is and the rest of the tank is with Amazonia New.
For me Amazonia New need to sycle at least 2-3 months. Otherwise shrimps are dying.
Parameters are in track 30 days after setup but somehow shrimps can't make it.
I proved to myself with Tigers, CRS SS+ and TB's.
The tank with Amazonia is the newest one but PH is highest from all 3.
I can lower PH with Eheam Peat moss with 1.00 count easy. Golf size bag in the filter hold PH down for
+- 45 days.

hedge_fund 12-08-2012 02:34 PM

I agree on the fact that Amazonia needs to cycle for a while. Both my friend and I set up new Amazonia tanks at the same time. I have no deaths and I plopped my shrimp in after 30 days. On the other hand, my friend lost every single one of his shrimp...all 12 CRS. I still cannot determine what the issue is and I used all my test kits to check. The parameters look great in his tank but all the shrimp keep dying. So yeah, everyone's experiences will be different but I would suggest that you cycle your tank for a while....or throw in some test shrimp for 2 weeks.

plamski 12-08-2012 05:34 PM

For me test shrimps die off start after 20th day after introdusing.50 days after tanks were setup.

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