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robxc80 11-23-2012 01:40 AM

Peacocks and Tanganyikans for sale
Hello All,

I'm going another direction in my 90 gallon.

I have the following for sale: I want to sell all of them as a group but will consider breaking them down by lake.

i May consider selling individually so I put prices next to each one. It would depend on how much interest i get since I want to unload them all at once instead of catching them one at a time over the course of days/weeks.

Malawans: All Peacocks are colored up and in excellent condition.

1. WC A. Ngara Flametail: 3.5 Inches: $40
2. WC A. Hueseri: 3 inches : $35
3. A. Maulana: 3 inches: $25
4. A. Baenschi: 2.5 inches: $15
5. A. Ngara Flametail (Male already coloring up): 1.5 inches: $10
6. Copadochromis Mloto Otter Point Male: 2.5-3 inches: $10
7. 2 X Lethrinops Mbawa Blackfin 1.5-2 inches: $8 each

All of the above Malawans for $125

Tanganyikans: All are in solid condition.

8. 2X White Altolamprologus Calvus 2 inches: $12 each
9. 4 X Gold Altolamprologus Compressiceps 1-1.5 inches $12 each
10. 6 X Gold Ocellatus Shell Dwellers 1.5 inches: $10 each
11. 4 X Synodontis Petricola: 2.5-3 inches: $12 each

Will sell all Tangayikans for $150

You can take ALL for $250 OBO.

Pick up only in Glen Mills/Newtown Square area.

I am going to go CA Cichlids in this tank instead. Thanks for looking.

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