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Forumsnow 11-17-2012 02:17 PM

leds for 12 long
As the title states i am looking to do leds for my 12long. I am planning to go medium high light with pressurized co2 through a danner mag fraction impeller. I just flooded the tank the other day and my current lights just are not cutting it.

The thing that brought me to wanting to do leds is the fact that i have a reef keeper lite. I believe the reef keeper allows for dimming and i really want to utilize this. The problem is that i am not to technically inclined and i do not have excel to run hoppy's little program.

So i am going out on a limb here hoping someone with way more knowledge than i can point me in the right direction on the easiest set up. I am looking for diy but want something that is not to challenging and possibly solderless as i have 0 knowledge of this. I would even be willing to pay for someone to put it together for me.

Sorry if i come off as lazy but work has been super crazy and we have a baby on the way. Trying to get all my projects wrapped up before baby Mason gets here and i have no more play money lol. I am willing to spend around $200 or more on this but obviously with a kid on the way would like to keep it in reason.

This is my tank to give you guys an idea of what i am working with. Trying to read up on as much as i can for now and thanks in advance to anyone who is willing to help my incompetent self.

Forumsnow 11-18-2012 05:21 PM

So i think i have decided on one of the planted tank lights. Now my only question is what length i should get and what angle of the optics. this is the light i am thinking about.

I would realy like to order by tomorrow as my current lights just are not cutting it. Thanks again

james1542 11-18-2012 09:34 PM

Well you could do up to the 36" fixture, but man that's pretty expensive at around 230 + shipping. You'll have around 60 watts, and I'd guess probably in the ball park of 3500 lumen-which is nice and bright-probably over kill for such a tank. You might want to consider the finnex Ray II, should be a lot less expensive, and will yield high light on a 12 Long. The beam angle depends on how high over the tank you want it. If you can tell us that, I'm sure someone can recommend an angle.

Forumsnow 11-18-2012 09:51 PM

I can go up to like 4 feet above the tank with the light and I could use the reef keeper to not run at 100%. But I am afraid of to much spill over, that is why I was wondering if I could get away with the 24" with maybe the wider optics. The 24" is considerably cheaper also so I was hoping it would work.

The ray 2 was what got me looking at the LEDs. Only thing is I am already shelling out a good deal of money, I would rather pay a little extra to have sunrise/set. DIY would also be amazing but I do not have excel to find out the number and spacing of the LEDs. Plus I am unsure whether I have the knowledge necessary.

Thank you very much for your imput so far.

james1542 11-18-2012 10:33 PM

Why spend all that money and then just have to retard the light by having it 4' over the tank or dimming it down(aside from a dusk dawn effect)? I can see the point of having your light power your tank + some emersed plants in the filters ect, then hanging it higher would be necessary (but probably not 4' high. You could probably do the 24" fixture, won't be quite as bright at the ends of the tank, but you would still have plenty of light. Are the finnex Ray II's not dimmable? Seems like you could get the 24" model for much less.

Forumsnow 11-18-2012 10:49 PM

I'm not saying I will put the light that high was just meaning that I had alot of room to play with.

As far as I know you cannot dim the ray 2, that is why I started looking at this place. I guess maybe you change the ray's driver to a dimmable but then you are in the price range of this fixture.

The light is like an Ada product to me, I don't really need it or need to sunrise, I just want it haha. I have gone all out on this setup and money is not an issue at the moment. I also thought that I plan to go with a bigger tank in the future so then I could use this light for that.

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