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Trail_Mix 11-16-2012 05:38 PM

Questions on MTS, Osmocote, K-L-N, Worm Castings, Leonardite, etc.

Anybody have some extra MTS they can sell? Also, does anybody have any tips on using this material in an emersed set-up? What are your thoughts on mixing worm castings?

I've been doing some research, but I am still pretty much a novice when it comes to this stuff; I've never used MTS before. Most of this substrate/chemistry stuff I research is way over my head anyway. I guess I was never that into chem -- always more of a math/physics guy myself :)

Anyway, during my "research," I read that mixing some azomite and leonardite with the MTS will help with the humates or something like that? Anybody have any experience or comments? I know it leeches a yellow color, (I think) into the water, but I don't care as long as it helps. Especially for an emersed set-up, who cares about the water color lol?

If anyone has any useful links to some literature or forums where I can read more about this stuff, i.e. the different cycles going on in the soil and whatnot, that would be much appreciated! Even if some of it does go over my head :icon_roll

Also, what's the deal with these Osmocote tabs everyone's selling? Are they an alternative to using something like MTS? Or would you sprinkle the stuff underneath the MTS? Or just not combine them at all?

And does anybody have experience with using K-L-N for rooting during emersed planting, and what are your thoughts?

Also I came across the term menefee humates. I'm in a rush and gotta get out the door, so I can't comment on that right now, but if anybody else can that'd be awesome, thanks! And again, if you have some MTS you can sell, let me know please, thanks!

Diana 11-16-2012 09:24 PM

Osmocote Plus is a slow release fertilizer sold for garden use.
It can be used in aquariums at the rate of 5 grams per square foot of substrate.
In the initial set up you can simply sprinkle it on the floor of the tank, then cover it with the substrate. Careful when you plant not to bring the Osmocote up.

In an established tank it is better to find some way to push the Osmocote deep into the substrate. Some people use a capsule sold in health food stores, size 00. I freeze small amounts of Osmocote in just enough water to hide the beads, then put the "ferti-cicles" where I want in the tank. I use small amounts so I can push them into the substrate as close as 6" apart.

Trail_Mix 11-16-2012 09:46 PM

Osmocote & MTS
Thanks for the info! I guess what I really want to know is if I'm going to use MTS, should I put the layer of osmocote under it? Or is that going to be overkill?

By the way, I really like your "fert-cicle" idea!

Monster Fish 11-16-2012 10:32 PM

If you have the time and space to make MTS, go for it. Otherwise, you can easily use Miracle Grow Organic Choice Potting Mix instead. I chose the latter because all you have to do is buy the bag, dump it into the tank, and cap it. Of course you'll need to watch your water parameters but it shouldn't be too much of the problem if you have to cycle your tank.

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