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ElNino9 11-14-2012 01:24 PM

Custom 5.47 Gallon Aquarium
So, I made this aquarium and I love it, so I thought I would make a post about it, I will try to get some pictures up of it. I'm working on the DSM right now for it. It's 30 inches long, but only 7 inches tall! I really like the shape of it. I have a 30" FugeRay LED light on it, and right now I have some anubias nana petite and HC in it for the dry start. I have some blyxa in a seperate tank that I will put in when I flood it. Just need maybe a few more anubias, depending on how well they grow in DSM and some moss and I'll be all set!

AwkwardShrimp 11-14-2012 02:52 PM

sounds great! i'd love to see the tank!

I myself want to build tank i just dont know where to get glass from lol

MABJ 11-14-2012 03:03 PM

I love really long tanks like this :) how'd you do it

MABJ's iDevice used for this message :p

GMYukonon24s 11-14-2012 04:01 PM

Nice! Can't wait to see it. How deep(front to back) is it? 6 inches?

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