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Perrush 07-26-2003 03:01 PM

I tried for the first time to 'arrange' some plants.

Little tank (100 L), only 30 cm width and 40 cm heigth but I can learn with this small one before I take on a large one.

picture are taken today, just before and after planting.
Not final, need some foreground plants, some red stems and a species for the middle ... but the start is there 8)

titan848 07-26-2003 03:24 PM

Very cool i really like it. I would like to see it filled in more with some different species. Some ricca might like awesome for a forground plant, or maybe micro sword. I don't recognize that plant in the middle. What is it? Do you just have the 2 angels in there now? DO you know their sex's? Whats up with the blue bar across the top.

Perrush 07-26-2003 03:37 PM

@ Titan :

those plants in the middle are hygrophila Corymbosa ... some are pruned in a 'bonsai' way.

3 , little' angels in it ... they should be in there, but they are, so I leave them there.

And yes, there should be some other species into, but my LFS didn't had any decent today (look at the H. Polysperma rosanerva :x )

Blue bar avross the top ?? you mean the hose ?? Still have to put that damn thing away ... next week

Guttboy 07-26-2003 03:49 PM

Very Nice!

Im impressed!


Momotaro 07-26-2003 08:21 PM

I think it looks very nice. I like the way you have the wood buried under the substrate a bit. I also think you did a fine job placing the rocks. A greater variety of plants will make things more interesting, but you've got my interest with the whole "bonsai" approach. There were some posts with pictures of this technique over on the AB board awhile ago.


Perrush 08-02-2003 01:14 PM

after 5 days of growth :

corey 08-03-2003 04:35 AM

So far so good keep us posted and updated. :D

Perrush 08-09-2003 09:49 PM

like corey said : " keep us updated " , said so, done so

now a little confused :?: if I should go more towards the "island" idea (like I did now), or that I should leave that and go more to a classic "wall"

and yes, the right hand corner still looks messy. I think I go look for a piece of cork this week :wink:

DLeDeaux 08-20-2003 02:14 AM

Just curious, what is the primary plant you have at the center of the tank? I like how filled out and lush it looks.

Momotaro 08-20-2003 02:20 AM

It has filled in nicely. I must admit, I wasn't too sure about the single plant theme, but you have seemed to pull it off quite well.

Personally, I like the "island" idea. Your plant selection seems suited for it.


GulfCoastAquarian 08-20-2003 01:14 PM

I like the island idea, too. You've pulled it off well, with the rock edging and all. And the Angels seem to prefer the more open areas for simming space so you've got a good balance.

Perrush 08-21-2003 02:22 PM

@ dledeaux :

I think you mean Hygrophila Corymbosa. In the back is't the natural way, in the front it's 'bonsai' pruned (each time old leaves pruned, new stems cut above first or second node)

@ Momotaro :

It's wasn't ment to be a single plant theme to be honest. I just hadn't more species available for that moment, so had to do with what I had.

But changes are coming up (to the best I hope)

Glosso in front (H. Polysperma rosanervig has to move the the back whare H Corymbosa stands now) , C. Wendtii in place of H Corymbosa 'natural' and maybe Lobelia Cardinalis in front of that (next to the H. Corymbosa 'bonsai')

Hope I get the plants next week. pics will surely follow

@ GCA :

I had to replace the rocks because they ols ones were raising GH and KH. But I kept the island idea. Did arrange the wood a little different

@ All :

I also moved my two lotus to a place where I can leave them longer (eventually they will become to large for this smal aqua, but I love them so)

Covered the CO2 reactor with a piece of black glas.
Covered the back wall with a piece of black wood.


Perrush 08-31-2003 06:06 PM

update :

2 new species and 2 prunings later things devellop in the right direction (I hope )

Only the little one in the left back corner isn't going anywere

Still waiting for glosso, which should cover the entire foreground

any remarks are welcome


Perrush 09-10-2003 03:01 PM

update :

GulfCoastAquarian 09-10-2003 05:15 PM

What a marvelous work in progress. I can see the aquascape starting to take shape beautifully! Betcha can't wait for that glosso to grow in, eh?

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