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hydrosparky 11-01-2012 11:30 PM

Aquarium 'n Stuff in Cupertino
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I have a 29 gallon aquarium with fish, a filter, a heater, thermometer, food samples/IAL samples, a piece of driftwood with some Fissidens moss growing on it, and some plants. I also have a LED light, but because the hood broke, you may need to hang or something. I also have a platy pair, Apistogramma male, and a Sterbai catfish to sell. The fish are all healthy, and feed on dry foods. The Apistogramma is hardy, and will accept dry food, but only good quality. That's why I'm sending some Omega One food with him. It'll need to be crushed though. For everything listed, I'd like to get around $85. The plants are some crypts, some salvinia, a sprig or two of pennywort, and Philodendron cuttings that have been growing in water for 2 months. The plants aren't doing as well, because they haven't transitioned well, but they can restored to their former glory. I'd like this to go out all at once.

I live in Cupertino now, not in San Diego.

Cash only (trades are ok too) and local pickup only. Please email for questions and more pics. Thank you!

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