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raesunrae 10-30-2012 09:05 AM

Ferts and Co2 Newbie (A little long)
Hi All,

I hope I'm posting in the right forum due to my questions. I have a 20g long planted tank. Pretty heavily planted I think. I added DHG a couple weeks ago and it seems to be sprouting a lot of bright green new shoots. Dwarf Baby Tears have some patches looking very green and some looking a little pale. Red Ludwigia? has taken off like crazy since added 2 weeks ago.Flourish Root Tabs and Aqueon Liquid Plant food. Hair Algae :icon_evil and the rest of plants is as follows:

Anubias Nana
Amazon Sword
Green Wenzii?
Banana Plant
Mossimo Balls
Another root plant I cannot remember name of! :/

I use Flourite substrate. 10w 6500k LED flood X 2 (20 Watt Led over 20g long)+1 strip 456nm blue led stunner.I Recently upgraded my DIY Co2 to Aquatek Mini pressurized mini painball co2 at 1bps with 24 oz. tank 2 days ago. (Plans to add brass splitter to dose both tanks soon)

I took some of these plants and moved them to my 10g that is cycled using seeded media/sponge/cycled rock method over the past 2-3 weeks along with 5 Endlers from my 20g. All fish and parameters are great on both tanks testing the same parameters minus ph difference as I am not running co2 on 10g until I receive my new led strips will which will be approx 11 watt 6500k that will go over the 10g adding Riccia.

0 ammonia
0 nitrite
= or < 5 ppm Nitrate
7.0-7.6 ph vary on daytime co2 vs. night time without co2(bubbler at night) (20g)

same on everything in 10g except ph +/- 7.6 (10g) (no co2 yet)

I added Flourish tabs to the 20g about 2 months or so ago and just added the Flourish tabs for the rooted plants to the 10g this past weekend. I dose Aqueon Liquid Plant food 1x weekly after a 20% water change.

I'm turning the 10g into a Painted Fire Red Cherry Shrimp only tank on Friday. Will the Flourish Root Tabs that I planted last weekend at 4-6 " intervals in 10g (per instructions) hurt or kill my new baby shrimp? Should I dig the tabs out?

I realize this is way too much info but every time I've asked questions in any type of aquarium forum they need more info before answering. I hope I added all the info you would need to help me out.

Thank you!

Sethjohnson30 10-30-2012 09:54 AM

Well I'm not exactly sure what your question was. But the wpg rule is a myth so 20w to 20g does not tell us how much light you have. You also don't mention what method you use to diffuse your co2, or what ppm your co2 is at. Another thing you mentioned was splitting the co2 line too two tanks? That won't work you need a needle valve for each tank so you can properly adjust to the right amount. You can buy a manifold to do this.

We need to know:
Co2 ppm
What your question is?

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onekraz3 10-30-2012 01:34 PM

so you are asking will root tabs hurt your shrimps? Not most likely not, mine are doing fine with api root tabs.

raesunrae 11-10-2012 06:23 AM


Originally Posted by onekraz3 (Post 2061777)
so you are asking will root tabs hurt your shrimps? Not most likely not, mine are doing fine with api root tabs.

Thank you onekraz3. Very much appreciated!

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