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InannaMoon 10-28-2012 07:11 PM

Happy new fish! Kribensis and Galaxy Rasboras!!
I have my first pair of cichilds! Yay! A pair of Kribensis. :) And in the small tank upstairs some Galaxy Rasboras. I've looked online and gotten the basics but anything in particular I should know from people who actually keep these breeds? They really are gorgeous! So excited!! :D

LB79 10-29-2012 01:32 AM

Watch out for any aggression between the kribs unless they are already a pair. They may fight a little bit before pairing up, and it can get a little rough, being the cichlids they are. Just make sure they have plenty of shelter and you should be fine.

librarygirl 10-29-2012 02:47 PM

Congrats! New fish are always fun! I have Celestial Pearl Danio too (formerly known as Galaxy Rasbora). Are they in a tank alone or with other fish? They might be skittish at first and hide fairly often (particularly depending on other fish in the tank, whether or not they feel threatened) but they should relax and come out more soon. Give them a lot of hiding places to feel secure. They're also not as fast as other fish and they are timid so if they are in a tank with other fish, be sure the CPDs are getting food. Even food blowing around from a filter output can hinder them being able to catch enough food (I've had to turn my filters off during feeding). They like to eat as the food falls (a couple might venture to the surface, but not most); sinking pellets (New Life Spectrum or Hikari micro pellets are good) and Golden Pearls are good. They love frozen foods like daphnia. They have small mouths so make sure the food is small enough for them. They also like temps on the cool side, low-mid 70s.

InannaMoon 10-29-2012 06:17 PM

Thanks so much for the info!!

The kribs are being a little nippy but I'll keep an eye on them. So far it's not too bad and they do seem to be sticking close together.

The CPDs are in a tank on their own. Just a nano with 4 of them atm though I might get 2 more as I read that 6 is the usual smallest group. I'll be careful about the food, wouldn't have thought of any of that so definitely thanks for the heads up!! :)

InannaMoon 12-08-2012 06:33 PM

All my CPD's died. :( On the bright side, my Kribs have spawned! Yay! :D

SINcity 12-08-2012 07:54 PM

Sorry to hear that. I hope you didn't pay too much for them, so far I've only seen them for $8 each... Gonna try my luck and order some online soon.

InannaMoon 12-09-2012 06:47 PM

They were 4 for 9.95 here in the UK so not cheap. I've gutted that tank now, re-scaped it and am letting it cycle again now. Not sure what I'll try in there. To be honest, I'm so happy with the aquascape I'm not sure I want to spoil it with fish poo! :D

shift 01-07-2013 04:18 AM

What fish have you tried mixing them with? I have 3 zebra danios, 4 neons and a few shrimp in my 12g edge. I am thinking of getting 10-12 CPD's Galaxy Rasboras (and making moving the zebra danions to work if need be).

Do you think they would have any issues in the same tank?

MikeS 01-17-2013 07:01 PM

I had a pair of breeding kribs in my 210. Lovely fish, but attacked anything near their babies, which they didn't always keep in one place.

Option 01-17-2013 08:03 PM


Originally Posted by InannaMoon (Post 2103507)
All my CPD's died. :( On the bright side, my Kribs have spawned! Yay! :D

Is that just coincidence? Or did the Krib pair kill them since they were about to mate?

InannaMoon 05-07-2013 09:00 AM

The kribs were in a different tank so not guilty. :) What did help my kribs in the end was getting a second pair. They liked the company I guess and went lovely and purple!

Sadly I've lost them all now due to a nasty accident when I was messing around with my substrate. I think I gassed them. :( Not sure if I am going to get more or try something different. Thinking possibly rainbowfish or some sort.

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