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Sullysaurus 10-23-2012 09:22 PM

Help! Please and thank you! (Iron Deficiency)
Hey all, Sully here. This is my first post and first time using any sort of forum so please, bare with me here :)

About a month and a half ago i set up an old 30g bow. The tank was originally going to be used as a grow out tank (Hints the unpleasant scape) however i decided to add Zebra Danio x12, White Cloud Danio x6, Celestial Pearl Danio x5, Ghost Shrimp x10 ( All purchased from Live aquaria) and re arrange the scape to add a little beauty to the tank. In the process ended up taking almost half the plants and moving them to a 20g long housed with 4 Tiger Barbs. I Will post pictures of both the aquariums.

I noticed yellowing leaves and veins in plants so i started dosing Flourish Iron. 2 weeks ago my Iron level read .0 according to MultiTest. Every morning including this morning the level still reads .0 even though i have been dosing Flourish Iron daily (recommended dose). I am getting 0 Iron readings, however have started to get an unusual amount of algae in the tank.

Also, some of the Bacopa, Hygrophila, and Water Wisteria are starting to melt and look dead. The Hygro has died down to just stalks with a few leaves at the top, and has random roots coming out of the stalk? Most of the leaves in the aquarium look rather dirty, like they have a layer of crud on them (This is hard to tell from the pictures). some really bad and thick, others not so much. Everything is getting these random roots from the stalks. I am so lost! (I will try and get some good pics of this also)

To top off my current issues, 4 of the Zebra Danio along with 1 Ghost shrimp have died within 7 days of receiving the fish order from Live Aquaria. (Day 14 of receiving them is tomorrow, so i will be calling tonight for the Guarantee) Some of the Danio seem to have bloated stomachs while some do not. I will need to do some research on this...

Tank Specs:
-Eco Complete Substrate
-2.5 WPG from Coralife T5 HO and a random CF
-150W Top-Fin Heater
-Marineland H.O.T Magnum 250 HOB canister
-30% Water changes every 7-10 days
-Temp= 76-78 degrees.

-Flourish Excel, recommended dose daily, since aquarium start up.
-Flourish, recommended dose weekly, since aquarium start up.
-Flourish Iron, recommended dose, using daily for the last 2 weeks.
-API Stress Zyme, With every water change.

Water levels:
-pH: 8.0
-Iron: 0.1 maybe? Just about nothing according to MultiTest
-Kh: 5 dKH
-GH: 7

Thank you for any help/advice! You donít know how much I appreciate it. Thanks again.

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