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TexasCichlid 10-19-2012 02:54 AM

PFR Factory - JBJ Picotope 3G
Well, I have neglected to make a post about this tank for a long time. This is a little to no maintenance tank, I change the water 25% about every 4 months or so. Topped off with RO only with no ferts added, ever.

3G JBJ Picotope
AC 20
Hydor Theo 25w
Finnex Fugeray - Prototype
Mopani driftwood

Java fern
Anubias nana petite
Few stray stems of ludwigia red

Many PFR shrimp
1 pudgy, and very happy neon tetra because my wife said "it's a fish tank, it needs a fish"
2 Clithion Corona nerites

Newest picture FIRST!

beginragnarok 10-19-2012 03:07 AM

I really like what I see. Those are some very nicely colored Cherries. The placement of driftwood and your Anubias are exellent in my opinion. All your plants look so healthy.

What are you using for substate if you dont mind? It almost looks like Charcoal or crushed volcanic rock. It looks non-uniformal and nutural.

My only recomendation is that you maybe add some history, some back story and visual "in the works eye candy".:)

TexasCichlid 10-19-2012 03:13 AM

Thanks. None of the cherries up front are fully colored yet. Most of them hang out in the fern and the back where I have a minerock and they like to graze on it. The substrate is eco-complete.

Not much history to speak of! Fern gets bigger, cherries make babies. Very peaceful tank.

Silmarwen 10-19-2012 03:28 AM


Originally Posted by TexasCichlid (Post 2048680)
Fern gets bigger, cherries make babies. Very peaceful tank.

Very Zen. I love it. Pretty little tank, for being so simple!

Geniusdudekiran 10-19-2012 04:25 AM

I like it. Nice job.

somewhatshocked 10-19-2012 01:51 PM

I love these little tanks - especially for shrimp.

You've done a great job.

BeachBum2012 10-19-2012 03:19 PM

That looks fantastic. So much beauty packed into a tiny tank.

andrewss 10-19-2012 09:34 PM

really good work! the RCS look great on that substrate and awesome java fern :d

TexasCichlid 01-09-2013 01:15 AM

Updated. Did some trimming, put in an AC20 and removed the old stock light and replaced with a Finnex Fugeray prototype. Love the LEDs!

allknighter 04-05-2013 04:50 PM

This is a great tank!

After checking out your tanks, it appears that I am following in your footsteps (but with much less experience and success)! I've got a Staurogyne high tech 12g with a Ray2 over it (currently upping dosage to make up for increased light use) and I'm planning my low-no maintenance shrimp tank.

Do you mind if I crib some of your equipment / plant selection? This is super helpful!

ivan.f 06-13-2013 03:00 AM

Why every 4 months? I mean what about the waste.

Sent from my Nexus 4

aznartist34 06-13-2013 08:06 AM

Shrimp waste doesn't pollute the water as much as fish waste. The little waste there is would be taken in by the plants.

TexasCichlid 06-13-2013 01:57 PM

Tank is retired 6/19/2013 - replaced with a Fluval Spec V.

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