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Pooky125 10-17-2012 10:19 PM

Low Light Plant Package for Sale!
Soo, I only trim my tanks like, once every 6 months, I end up with something like this. Someone please come take these! Algae free plants, though I do have snails, duckweed, and cherry shrimp. I thought I'd offer them local if anyone is interesting as I did my trimming on Wednesday. I'd really prefer to sell this as one package, and not ship it if at all possible.

I'm asking 50 bucks, or trade. Don't really need any equipment or more plants at the moment. I DO, however, have a 25 gallon tank that needs to be stocked. Moderately planted, has cherry shrimp, so something that won't completely decimate the colony, blackwater style tank, sand/dirt substrate, picky eaters welcome. Has a thick layer of duckweed, but is otherwise open topped.


Bolbitus heuldelotti:

Crypt Species. Honestly, I'm not entirely sure what they are. Possibly C wendtii, lucens, lutea, or willissii.

Token Java moss (though I can probably scrounge up more if you need it)

Rotala indica, and Anacharis (please note that the anacharis has been grown floating, so some of these stems are upwards of 3-4 feet long. They should have no problems being hacked into plantable sized pieces, and will readily sprout new shoots from the chopped spots) (also, the rotala isn't as sick as it looks in the pictures, it's actually very green and healthy, that just wasn't a good angle.)

Final overview

jmsaltfish797 10-31-2012 04:29 AM

where are you located? I'm interested in the crypts mostly. Maye some of the bolbitus, and java moss.

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