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etane 10-15-2012 07:45 AM

Etane's 60P
So, I was perfectly happy with a 60F shrimp tank. My wife started asking to add fish to the tank. I did some research on shrimp friendly fishes. Purchased 4 Cory Trilineatus which was actually labeled Cory Juli at Petco. These fishes are fun. So, I wanted more. We then scoured all the local fish stores in the area one weekend and ended up with some Danio Margaritatus (Celestial Pearl Danio).

The CPDs were skittish. They were pretty much hiding behind the rocks everytime I enter the room. I thought they'd be more active if I got more friends. The LFS only had 5 left. One died on the ride home because the seller taped the bag and accidentally trapped one fish where he folded the bag, so it died by suffocation. The second one died the next day. It didn't look healthy since day 1. It was swimming sideways. So, with only 3 left, we thought they were shy because it didn't have any friends.

I ordered 6 more CPDs from an online seller. For some reasons, the CPDs I received looked different from the ones I have and from pics I found on a majority of sites I found. So, I decided not to mix them up.

While all this was going on, I had ordered some shrimps to add to my tank. My tank had been pretty empty for awhile. Before adding the Cory cats, there were only 3 Snowballs. There were more Snowballs and a few CRS, but they didn't make it past the July/August heat. I've installed ceiling fans since. So, the shrimps eventually made it to me 4 days ago, Thursday.

By Saturday, I wanted to get more fish, but I thought my tank was too small to house more fish. So, I got a 60P. I moved all the rocks, shrimp sand, plants and critters over. I also added an extra bag of shrimp sand. Currently, plants in my tank are Anubias Nana, Round Pellia and True Rotola Indica. Along with the 60P, I also purchased 8 Gertrudae Rainbowfish and 12 Boraras Brigitae.

So, on Saturday afternoon, I moved all my new fishes into a pail with tank water and all my old critters into their individual pail with tank water. My new shrimps were in a soup bowl filled with tank water and Java moss. I then tried to move everything from the 60F into the 60P as well as getting the water ready within 24 hours. Man, this was tiring.

I filled my new tank up with about 5 gallons of water from my old tank and tossed the rest. I filled up the new tank with RO water from my kitchen sink mixed in with some montmorillonite clay. I can only do this about 2 gallons at a time because my filter water can only filter that much within a few hours time. And, I ran the water through the Eheim 2236 for a whole day to make sure the water is at least as cycled as it can be within 24 hours. I know this isn't enough time, but, by the afternoon, 3 of my Boraras and my 1 and only CBS died from what I assume is not enough O2 in the pail and ammonia build up from their own waste.

Anyways, by 11pm this evening, I was able to dump all the critters back into the tank. They seem to be thriving. Fed them, and they seem to have a good appetite. So, hopefully, there's no floating bodies come tomorrow morning.

When I dumped the critters back in, I put the fishes in first then shrimps last. Why? Because the new shrimps I received are all juvies. And, I was scared that they'd be eaten by the fishes. I knew these fishes were supposedly fish friendly as I learned from research and what the fish seller told me, but I was still filled with trepidation. So, I dropped the juvie CRS into the tank and armed myself with an aquascape gardening tool to shoo away any fish that might attack the CRS. Well, the fishes did try to nibble him at first, but, though he's a juvie, the fishes' mouth weren't big enough to eat him. So, afterwards, I dumped the rest of the shrimps in.

Man I am beat. But, I want to write all this down while it's still fresh in my head. Here's some quick shots of the critters:

Blue Velvet
Cory Trillineatus
Borara Brigitae
Gertrudae Rainbowfish

Final thoughts:

The tank is somewhat "done". I really didn't spend any time aquascaping. Well, I suck at aquascaping. But, I was in more of a rush to get the tank filled and move the critters in. So, the scape is not ideal but doable. The scale or perspective (whatever you call it) is somewhat flat. I think I will add one more taller plant maybe an Anubias Barteri to give it more "altitude". And, I will add more shrimp sand to the back of the tank to give it more of an incline grade for an added perspective.

Regarding the critters behavior, they are all over the place. They are a total mess in terms of the way the school in the tank. No order at all. And, they are VERY active.

The shrimp safe fishes I got are really small, so, that's part of the reason why the way they move is "messy". And, it's kind of hard to discern which fish is which from a distance because of how small they are. Supposedly, after the Gertrudaes get older, they will have more interesting looking fins well at least the male ones will.

If I had to do it again, I might not get the Boraras or the CPDs.

I hope the shrimps are not food by tomorrow morning.

Lastly, do I need new lily pipes? The ones I got now are pilfered from my old 60F which is a 7" tall tank. Not sure the current pipes are providing enough circulation. Well, it is, but I am really blasting the current now which is probably one reason why the fishes are very active right now.

Anyways.. sleep time.
Tank population zero... before I moved the critters over.

acitydweller 10-15-2012 08:38 AM

Nice setup... Quite a busy weekend for you.

deleted_user_17 10-15-2012 09:18 AM

I like this set up too. Good luck with the tank :)

GMYukonon24s 10-16-2012 04:23 PM

You have a good start going there.

etane 10-17-2012 06:05 AM

Ughmm ... fish lovers don't get mad at me. Sunday passed to Monday and nothing happened. Tuesday (today) morning, a few Brigittaes were swimming funny. Afterwork, I found all my Brigittaes dead except one.

I don't know why they died as I can only assume that these fishes were being out competed food wise. The Gertrudeas ate all the food up top, and the CPDs and Corys ate all the food on the bottom. Not sure the Hikari micro pellet can even fit inside the Brigittae's mouth.

So, I took the lone fish out into a bowl and fed him some Hikari micro pellets. I came back after dinner, and he was dead too.

I started out with 12 Brigittaes. 2 died even before I put them into the tank, and the rest died within 48 hours. And, they all died within about 8 hours of each other.

Water test here:

Ammonia: 0
Nitrate: 0
Nitrite: 0
PH: tough call but I think it's 6.8

ALL the other critters are doing fine except one of my two CRS died. He was a Mosura SSS, so I didn't expect him to make it anyways since they are so sensitive especially with the water just set up.

Sd760 10-17-2012 07:09 AM

Beautiful tank

etane 10-18-2012 03:47 AM

Day 3 update. The tank's water has cleared up. But, don't worry, I will mess the water up again soon enough. Will make some edits to the tank over the weekend such as adding one more bag of shrimp sand to the back of the tank and adding some more plants. I got 15 more stems of True Rotola Indica coming. So, before I make any changes, here's some before photos.

I was a bit worried that the tank wasn't getting the right amount of circulation as the water was a bit hazy for the last few days and thought about getting some ADA metal pipes thinking the tank needed longer pipes. Also, I thought the Purigen had lost its prowess and needed to be replaced. I guess the Eheim just took a bit longer to get the tank clear on the 60P compared to the 60F. With the 60F, the water cleared usually in a day.

So, I didn't do an obligatory detailed list of equipment used in my first post. So, here it is.

Tank: ADA 60P
Pipes: Cal Aqua Nano
Light: Brazo LED (18 High Power LED with focus lens and dimmer) I hated this light for reading but love it as an aquarium light.
Filter: Eheim 2236 w/ sintered glass and a 100ml bag of Purigen
Sand, UP Aqua Shrimp
Rocks: Yamaya
Plants: Anubias Nana, Round Pellia, True Rotola Indica
Animals: Cory Cat Trilineatus (4), Pseudomugil Gertrudae (8), Danio Margaritatus (11), Blue Velvet (3), Snowball (3), CRS (1)

Sd760 10-20-2012 11:03 PM

That's a beautiful Cory. Awesome tank

Green_Flash 10-20-2012 11:33 PM

The tank is sparkling, what is that small cube I spot? ;)

etane 10-22-2012 05:32 PM

Thanks for the comments guys.

The green cube to the left stores a handful of Java moss. The critters love the Java moss, but I don't like it in the tank because it gets messy.

Whenever I have critters to acclimate, I put Java moss into their bowls for them to hide under. Currently, a small shrimp fry resides in that cube. He's too small to go in the big cube. He might get eaten.

The clear cube on the right just stores some miscellaneous loose plants. Got some Fissiden and Pelia in there.

etane 10-25-2012 03:52 AM

3 fishes died by getting themselves trapped in a corner where I have a few rocks. I guess they went head first into the corner but couldn't back out. So, I was wondering where my cutest tiniest Cory went. Found him stuck in the corner and was too late to save him. While removing him, found a dead female Gertrudae and a handsome CPD too.

So, I had to do an impromptu rescape in that corner of the tank, so no more fishes will be stuck in that corner. I moved the rocks around and took the opportunity to add more shrimp sand. Now, I had already rinsed the sand, but lots of dust came up when I poured it into the tank to the point where I couldn't see anything in it. A few CPDs started gasping for air the next day. And, they both died a few days later. I guess the dust particles damaged their gills and they slowly suffocated to death.

So many fishes have already died at my hands. So, total body count since I got this tank is 12 rasbora brigittae, 3 Gertrudaes, 5 CPDs and 1 Cory. Now I have 6 CPDs, 5 Gertrudaes and 3 Corys left. Also, 3 Blue Velvets, 3 Snowballs and 1 CRS.

The point of this post is to also get suggestions on plants.

My latest additions are the True Rotala Indica you see bunched up in the left of the tank. I love them. They look great and so far is very low maintenance. I went and purchased 10 more. I want to fill up the empty space I created to the right of the tank with them as you can see with the dark green dots. But, I think I might not have enough stems to fill the space.

So, I can also bunch them up behind the two larger rocks as you can see with the bright green dots. Then, the middle portion will be wide open. What plant(s) can go there? Ideally, I wish to create some kind of shelter where peewee shrimps and/or fish eggs can hide safely. Originally, I wanted to create an Indica forest but don't think the ten stems I got is enough. Or, I can cut the stems in half, then I'd have 20 stems. Seller told me these stems will be around 5" each. So, if I cut them, they'd be 2" with some length in the substrate. And, just be patient and wait for it to grow out?

After I added the new shrimp sand, my clear hoses turned black within a few days. My lily pipes is brown. I had ordered a lily pipe sponge on a stick from a seller in HK about 10 days ago. Waiting for it to come in. After it does, I will replace the hose with OEM green hose and get new media for the Eheim. The clear hose is too loose. It already came apart for me today when I was adjusting the temperature on the inline heater and water splash all over.

Anyways, I am a fish killer. Let me know what plants you'd suggest for me. I like them structured looking, no pruning, slow growth and not too demanding. I read the Rotala I got is fairly demanding, but they are growing tall and strong in my tank. I don't use any C02 and use just a drop of Flourish Comp. Oh, something that is red would be nice too. I am eyeing Rotala Macandra but it might be too demanding for my tank and not sure about its growth rate.

Green_Flash 10-25-2012 04:09 AM

Hello, it is looking nice, sorry about your fish loss. :(

For plants, some good choices are various java ferns, bolbitus is pretty cool, crypt wendtii, crypt parva and crypt balansae, rotala "green", rotala "butterfly", ludwiga needle leaf.

GMYukonon24s 10-25-2012 01:25 PM

Sorry about your loss of fish.

etane 10-26-2012 05:11 PM

My second batch of shrimps arrived yesterday, 4 CRS and 2 CBS. My sole CRS from my first batch will have some Bee company. Took some pictures of the CRS from the first batch, so I can keep track of it. The 2nd batch's color doesn't seem quite as nice to me. So, the pics help me make sure it's not all in my head.

This sole CRS from the first batch is definitely my fave one.

I should probably invest in a macro lens. I did get the new Nikon 40mm f2.8 last week but returned it. Didn't think it's a very good macro lens.

etane 10-26-2012 05:14 PM


Originally Posted by Green_Flash (Post 2055922)
Hello, it is looking nice, sorry about your fish loss. :(

For plants, some good choices are various java ferns, bolbitus is pretty cool, crypt wendtii, crypt parva and crypt balansae, rotala "green", rotala "butterfly", ludwiga needle leaf.

Thanks for the suggestions. Some of these were on my radar too. Also thinking about Rotala Macarndra Green.

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