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smirkis 10-11-2012 11:22 PM

Fluval Spec Desk Tank
Hello Everyone,

I've been reading a lot on here and thought i would share my small piece of relaxation. I started a new job recently and couldn't wait to get settled in so i could setup a desk tank. Thankfully my boss has a few at his desk so he was actually thrilled at me setting one up too. I wanted something that i don't have to do much with, and wanted it to fit in with my feng shui corner. I ended up deciding to do fw plants, rcs, and a couple neons/white clouds. i found a member on here by the name of dustin (sorry i don't know his user name) but he totally helped me out with some plants, i wanted stuff thats less demanding and easy to care for. after a week or two of sourcing everything and cycling my tank i ended up with this:

front shot
some of the inhabitants.

and, feng shui now complete.

i'll post more pics as it grows out. everythings been in there for about a month or so now, maybe a bit longer. Hope you enjoy, because i love looking at your guys' tanks daily!

vnghost 10-12-2012 03:00 AM

Makes the job so much more bearable

golfer_d 10-12-2012 03:47 AM

Looks cool.

What kind of plants do you have in there?

I am wanting to do one a similar size and won't have all the CO2 or fancy lights....seems yours has been growing pretty well?

Basil 10-12-2012 04:42 AM

Nice tank and Bonsai.

smirkis 10-12-2012 02:35 PM

Thanks everyone. The plants are low light requirement plants which i wanted because of the light the spec came with, so i have java moss, some christmas moss, marshweed, brazilian waterweed, and a baby amazon sword. no co2, no dosing, just clean water and light! everyone thing has been growing great so far, it pretty much propogates its self as it grows. i have 3 white clouds and 3 neon tetras, and 15 cherry red shrimp. it draws a lot of attention from coworkers and helps me get thru my work days.

and thanks for the bonsai comment! that thing grows like crazy lol

Basil 10-13-2012 01:53 AM

Not to get off track but I have a bonsai too. It's a Natal Plum and its pretty sweet. It's good that you have low light plants. Those LEDs aren't super reliable. If your fixture starts to go I've got the one from my tank that hasn't been used.

Neatfish 10-13-2012 02:01 AM

Looks pretty cool.

GMYukonon24s 10-25-2012 02:27 AM

Good job on the tank

smirkis 10-30-2012 05:01 PM

1 Attachment(s)
so one by one, my shrimp have been disappearing, and i honestly couldn't figure out why. and now i think i do. i had a few unwanted mini snails and my lfs told me assassin snails would be the answer, well they couldn't be more wrong. in less then 2 weeks, 15 cherry shrimp are all gone and this is the reason. i couldn't be more bummed... guess i gotta toss this killer beast and buy more shrimp. :mad:

Betta Maniac 10-30-2012 05:06 PM

The assassin will move on to shrimp if there's no other food source. But are you sure he's killing them and not just scavenging after something else is killing them off? I have assassins in my big mixed tank and the shrimp population seems to be just fine.

GND 2012 10-30-2012 05:06 PM

That seems like a lot of occupants for such a small tank! I love my spec but am way too chicken to have that many creatures residing in it. (your set up is beautiful btw - and I love the bonsai!)

Hope you don't mind me asking how often you change the water and how long it's been set up now.

Edit *I suppose I should read fully! You did say it's been set up about a month ;) I need more coffee!!

smirkis 10-30-2012 05:12 PM

no worries! lol. by now its at the 2.5 month mark or so, i started off with just 5 cherry shrimp and 3 white clouds. i added 3 neon tetras because of the heavy plantedness and ordered 10 itty bitty cherry shrimp off [Ebay Link Removed] everything was great until i added that assasin snail 2-3 weeks ago. as days went on i thought the shrimp just kept hiding. so unless my white clouds or neon tetras are killing these shrimp, its this snail...

i change about 2 cup fulls of water every few days from a filtered water source here at work.

andrewss 10-30-2012 06:50 PM


Originally Posted by Betta Maniac (Post 2062047)
The assassin will move on to shrimp if there's no other food source. But are you sure he's killing them and not just scavenging after something else is killing them off? I have assassins in my big mixed tank and the shrimp population seems to be just fine.

yeah.... I was thinking the same thing

nice little spec you have there tho

c_gwinner 10-30-2012 07:12 PM

From your first picture of the cherries they dont look that healthy and that could have lead to your assasins attacking or feasting on them. And the Neons in there could have tried hunting them down since with that small of a school in that small of a tank. I personally would rehome the Neons, and if you do wanna do shrimp check around this site to see what people are offereing. Usually better deals and healthier shrimp than Fleabay.

Nice looking spec and desk by the way.

PinkRasbora 10-30-2012 08:02 PM

I want my desk job back just so I can have a nano at work.

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