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503aqua 10-08-2012 04:13 AM

fluctuating ph and drop checker?
Hey guys a few basic questions I hope to have answered! I have a 55 gallon medium to heavy planted tank lightly stocked as of now, co2 injection, diy co2 reactor inline from a Fluval 406 canister, uv sterilizer, lights on 10 hours a day at 5 on, off 2, on 5, eco complete substrate. Basically new tank at 0, 0, under 20 (last check was 10). Established 3 weeks ago.

My co2 seems to be highest at the end of my light cycles my recent result was 6.5 putting my co2 to 20 to 30 depending on if my dkh is a 3.5 to 3. I know with injection my ph will lower along with a driftwood piece in there.

Is this just my crap api test kit or my drop checker being dumb? (Cheap solution??) I haven't fluctuated co2 results to yellow on my drop checker yet and had it all perfect but now what gives?! Sometimes white crud gets in the air trapped portion of the drop checker as well...

I have good plant growth, no gasping fish and just turned it down a tiny hair.. don't think it's an issue? What do you guys think is up here? I added 3 amanos for a trial run but they've either been hiding the whole time or escaped my acrylic hood set up.. also had to add a mesh cover to my skimmer top but hope I wasn't too late on my trial run guys lol.

Thanks for the help!

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