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topenjoin 10-08-2012 03:53 AM

wtb nano fish tank
Hi all,

I am looking for a nano fish tank as a gift to my girlfriend, she really likes the look of the fluval edge 6 gallon fish tank. I would really like to get her a fish tank, she does want to get into the planted hobby and i think this would kick start her

If any one has any recommendations for a nano tank mainly for a beta and some plants or if anyone is selling a nano tank let me know.


gus6464 10-08-2012 04:05 AM

This is a good deal:

topenjoin 10-08-2012 04:39 AM

Thanks I don't know if I am ready to buy online yet I'm trying to find something locally if I can first


zenche 10-08-2012 09:22 PM

I've got an 8g Biorb that's sitting around empty. I'll give it to ya for $40 with a new filter sealed in package (that's worth $10 right there).

topenjoin 10-08-2012 11:50 PM

Hi I'm looking for something that is rectangular and sleek looking.thanks for the offer

MichaelMcG 10-09-2012 02:13 AM

the petco bookshelf 6.6g is my fav nano tank. comes with filter and light for 50 bucks at petco. if you are going to put plants in it get a 6500k bulb from home depot or walmart etc

lmt6600 10-24-2012 04:58 AM

Nano tank
I just bought an aqueon evolve 8 and i like it alot,I just set it up now, its cube 8 gals. decent LED light. Im going to try to just put shrimp and plants, If the LED is not enough, i might get a better one online.
they are 89.99 but i had $10 off coupon. I think its pricey but i also think is very well made. Good luck!

Aegeon 10-24-2012 01:44 PM

I have a Mr. Aqua 7.5g rimless 12" cube that I'm not using. You can see one here:

The 7.5g sells for $49.99 + shipping new. I could sell it for $30.00. Let me know if you're interested, and good luck!

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