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Patriot 10-06-2012 03:02 PM

Sword melt?
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I just got my hands on a Indian Red Sword the arrived after more than a week in the mail. I put it in the tank as sure as possible it's leaves started to melt away. I know this is normal for crypts to readjust to the different water parameters, but I never heard or seen a sword do this. Will it come back like crypts or is it doomed? My red melon sword didn't do this at all, in fact it put out three new leaves 6 days after planting it in dirt.

Do swords and crypts have the same root style? Crypts seem to have a more tuber like structure to store loads of energy to recover while swords don't. Could this make a difference whether it will come back or not?

HybridHerp 10-06-2012 03:22 PM

Swords melt leafs all the time. Could just be that the leafs were emersed leafs are are melting because of that. One of my swords actually had the leafs rot off from the crown, and that plant is making a comeback now.
I would say that as long as the crown of the plant is firm and that there is even the smallest hint of new growth that the plant should be fine. But word of advice, while it is in this sort of state, put a ton of root tabs around it or have a really fertile substrate. I moved a small dying sword of mine from a tank with eco complete to a dirted tank and while it did nothing for months in the eco complete, it is taking off now in the dirted tank.

Patriot 10-06-2012 03:29 PM

Thank you. I made sure that the roots were in the soil. That's a relief, I thought it was a goner. About how long does it take to make a come back. Is it slower than crypts or the same? Maybe next time I'll cut off the leaves if they were emerged to begin with.

HybridHerp 10-07-2012 06:00 PM

normally, amazon swords are considered average growers, so I'd say it would be a little faster than crypt growth unless you have some sort of fancy variety. I feel like the non-normal varieties take longer to grow, about the same as a crypt I guess.
What I did actually, was move the small not doing well sword into a smaller tank where it would get much more intense lighting, and then I'll move it to the larger tank when it gets bigger. Right now, in about the span of two weeks, it has tripled in size and quadrupled in number of leafs, and the type of sword I'm dealing with is an aflame sword. So you should be fine.

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